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severe attack

Hi just came out of hospital after having had such a severe asthma attack that i was almost intubated at the weekend.

I have had severe asthma for many years and have not posted on here for a long time so may not recognise some

I am finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that i was almost intubated this time and i admit to people that it is a scarey time when that happens

this attack came on out of the blue so really surprised me

sorry if it seems a surprise to some people nut when youu have been doing well for so long it is a surprise and 3 weeks before that you had given your best results on xolair review and they are going to continue this

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Hi Sharon,

yikes - that must have been terrifying. Even when well controlled my asthma can go from fine to not-breathing in seconds - usually large quantities of salbutamol via a spacer get me back to stability, but not always. Still, I've never been near to being tubed so I can't imagine how awful that is.

Did you have a trigger? At all? Or any symptoms before hand that might have been not so obviously asthma but a clue that something weird was going on?

I know the pollen count has been high the last week or two - but you'd think that on Xolair you might get some protection against that side of things.

Weird question perhaps, but could hormones be a factor? My asthma is now well-controlled except for when my hormone levels are changing rapidly.

Good luck recovering - both physically and psychologically,



Hi Sharon, Im sorry you have had such a traumatic time - its perfectly normal to find such a horrid experience hard to come to terms with. The first time I was almost ventilated in ITU I was in hospital a couple of weeks, and I can remember completely losing the plot when I got home, and really had time to process what had happened. Whilst I was too ill to remember much of what happened, like you, it had come out of the blue and I felt very shaken by it.

Are they following you up well?

Give yourself some time to process it, and talk to someone you trust about it if you need to - and be good to yourself while you are recovering!

Lynda x


hi C

Yes it was awful to being that near to be tubed. No had no symptoms before this attack started on he Wednesday.

could have been the pollen being higher but even though I am on xolair you can still have attacks no not hormone related


Hi Lynda

Thanks I can see exactly where you are coming from with what you are saying.

Yes I will be followed up by my consultant and asthma team at Leicester on Monday as I am admitted at local hospital but under there care there will be able to have a good talk with them.

I will also be seeing my asthma nurse at the doctors who I will be able to talk with about this

I am giving myself time to recover and taking it easy



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