Since about mid december i've had persistent but fairly mild symptoms (annoying cough). On the basis i'm aiming for no or minimal symptoms i've been taking my reliever quite a lot.

Yesterday i managed a day needing NO reliever :-D :-D

Haven't managed 2 days in a row LOL The cold weather triggered a coughing fit this morning, hey ho AND i'm going out running with the girls at 7 so i'll have my reliever beforehand but will probably need it again afterwards. Ah well, certainly an improvement from what it was :-)

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  • Well done on not needing your reliever, lets hope it continues for you.

  • Woop woop!!

    As the saying goes, every little helps!!! :-D

  • Thats great news! Congratulations and I hope things continue to improve for you!

    Rose xx

  • Yay!

  • Awesome! So happy for you.

  • woo! i am also celebrating 8 days without a severe attack :-) longest i've managed to avoid hospital in ages! fingers crossed for dropping my steriods a little bit! hope you continue to improve!

  • Very glad to hear soph!

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