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where did personal messaging go?

sorry of this is a silly/previously answered question.

but as some of you may have noticed i havnt been on these forums for many months untill last week. obviously the site has all been redone but i was wondering if the personal messaging system has been intentionally removed or os it just that i cant find it on the new website?

if its been removed is there any particular reason for this?

if its still here but in a different place can i have imstructions please?


Rose xx

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It's not here, i don't think it was removed intentionally but it was just something that didn't make it onto the new forum :-(

I *think* the moderators are trying to get a PM system back up and running but not having much luck :-(


Thanks for that Jinglefairy!

to any moderators who may be reading this would you kindly keep us informed on any progress concerning the pms? thanks! ;-)



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