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help and advice please

for the last 3 days ive been wheezing more and using my reliver about 8 times a day , i have got a bit of flu at the moment and am not sleeping for long as i wake up coughing which then sets the wheezing off again. I am absolutley shattered. my peak flow has been 320 at best (usually blow 450)ive been sitting in bathroom running shower cubicle and that isnt helping . really dont want to go to the hospital as its a 25 mile drive and tbh dont want to unless i really have to as its going to be a long wait (generally 4-5hours in a n e ) before im seen , im really not sure if i need to go or if there is something else i can do to help my symptoms at home or if its just the flu /fever/temp making the wheezing worse .

does any one have any advice - thanks for reading x

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You could go to/call out of hours, they'll be able to help. They'd probably give you some oral steroids. If your paek flow drops so that you're really struggling then go to a&e. You almost certainly won't have to wait long at all as they treat difficulty breathing/asthma as a priority. I hope you're feeling better soon


thank you for the advice , my peak flow has dropped to 300 this morning and ive taken my reliever more, have already got steroid inhalers so will ring dr out now - just didnt want to with it being christmas and i really hate ""wasting ""there time. thank you very much xx


I hope you get seen quickly and are feeling better soon.

I've just had to ring out of hours for my littlest asthmatic and it's a 6 hour wait for a call back. I know he'd be seen quicker in a&e but we aren't at that stage yet and I don't want to waste anyone's time.


well went to hospital only to be sent away as they have norovirus outbreak so told me to see emergency dr at another hospital , have to ring them first- which i did by this point ive had 2 bad asthma attacks which pretty much had me collapsed in a heap on the floor- the dr rang me and told me to use my reliever and to book to see my own gp. (if i wasnt feeling so bad id make a complaint to local nhs trust) so i will be ringing gp first thing as ive had 2 attacks in 4 days both of which floored me. i hate having no control of my condition -usually i control it well , manage my triggers and have recently lost 7 stone to help my other medical conditions which i assumed would help with my asthma but no if anything its getting much worse (peak flow today at 270). hope everyone else is keeping well xx


Oh no, that's not good. I think you should make a complaint when you're feeling better. I'd have thought that the very least they could have done would've been to give you some Prednisolone. I hope your pf picks up soon. x



so sorry to hear youre so rubbish at the moment and then had all that hassle with the hospital on top of that. i can sympathize from past experiences. as others have said you could consider filing a complaint when youre feeling more up to it.

i do hope things improve for you soon. let us know how you get on.

p.s. are you by any chance french in origin or nationality. the name sounds quite french ;-) im a british expat living in france...

wishing ypu a speedy recovery. if in doubt make a fuss and get the help you need!

Rose xx


my dads family are french but alas i was born here in england.

so have now reached 4 attacks in 14 days peak flow was down to 250 but got an appointment wednesday just gone. spent 90mins in with the prescribing nurse who was not happy at all - signed me off work for 2 weeks and has upped all my meds - my peak flow average was 250 ,my blood pressure was 190/110 (too high for me not normally have high blood pressure) and she said my recent changes to my lifestyle should have improved my asthma.(over last 2 years i have lost 7 stone and go to the gym 5 times a week and eat a much healthier diet). i have to go back on monday and wednesday and friday as they want to monitor my blood pressure and my peakflow. have also lodged a complaint witht he local trust over being sent away from a n e when i'd had a few attacks.


Oh dear dominique sorry youre struggling so much.

190/110 is pretty high! I get told off if i get over 130/90 (though am in heart failure so they like to keep mine extra low ;-)

Let us know how you get on. Good for you that you decided to file a complaint. Stop the problem happening to someone else (or thats the theory anyway...)

Hugs for a fast recovery.

Rose xx


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