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Asthma attack

Hi all,

Just a quick question, I've been out of breath and really chesty on and off now since Saturday. I feel like an attack 'brewing'...I've got this weird sensation when I'm breathing. Can I have all my usual asthma symptoms and attack not come on as quickly? I've been taking all my meds but still feel like I'm on the verge of a nasty episode. I'm very scared and can't afford any more time off work before Christmas.

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see your gp asap is your peak flow ok ? mite need some pred may be if not call AUK 2mor they good !! Hope you feel better for christmas !!!!

mathew :)


I do get this and sometimes it kicks off into full attack mode and other times it sort of settles but as this is a change for you it is definitely advisable to see your gp.

For me its often a.sign of an infection.

Take care



I get the brewing attack feeling too and like Angelica sometimes it happens and others it settles. It sounds like your symptoms are increasing, so you should follow your plan and increase meds (if you can do this) or go see your GP. Hope you start feeling better soon. x


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