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looking for somewhere to live next year, what should I be aware of asthma-wise?

Hi :) hope everyone's well :)

It seems far too early to think about this!

I'm looking for somewhere to live for the next academic year, starting September 2013. I plan to move into private halls since off the houses around here are old and damp. I have a few viewings lined up but I as just wondering if I should look out for anything. I know I'm worse here and I finally accept that I should try to avoid asthma symptoms rather than just ignore them! Obviously I'll be on the look out for mould, and make sure that I won't be on the ground floor near where everyone smokes (like I am now!). But is there anything else? The buildings all look fairly new, definitely no more than 5 years old.

Thanks :)


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hey rach

yep look out for damp and mould but some people paint over it !! best why to tell going to sound strange in feel and tap the walls if it feels takkky or wet or eco that is a sing they have painted over it.

hope this helps



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