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I want to do some sort of fundraising event for Asthma UK, but I have no idea where to start. An idea I had was a sort of evening ""party"" where people come along, have a laugh and donate through different activities there. I would like it to be for families. I'm only 15 though so I would need a lot of help and I honestly have no idea how to plan anything like this and help would be great!

P.S I also need ideas on how to raise money to pay for this ""party"" I'm planning to do. Thanks!

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Hello kirsttthow,

Asthma UK information on fundraising is here

Good luck with the party


What area are you in? I'll help if I'm not too far away. Good luck with it.





CathBear and I are just over the other side of Birmingham.

Parties like this take a lot of planning; you'll need to consider the following:

* hiring a venue

* sorting out entertainment (hiring a band/getting them to donate their time)

* sorting out refreshments (make sure the venue has a bar, but you'll need to provide food)

* what activities will you run on the night, and how will they raise money

* how much will you charge for entry

* how will you advertise the party, and how will you collect the payment for tickets

The entry fee will need to cover all of the expenses you have to pay out, less anything you can get donated. Try contacting local businesses once you have a plan of action and see if they will be willing to sponsor aspects of the evening - the more you can get paid for by others, the more money you will make for Asthma UK.


A 3 hour drive unfortunately.

I'm sure if you ask around your family and friends there'll be a few people to help you. I wish you the best of luck with the party and raising money for asthma uk. Lou x


shame im not closer id help, would love to do something to. best of luck sorting something out


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