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Worried mum toa 5 year old asthmatic

Hi all,

I am new to the forum, I was made aware by ma consultant and so far I find it very useful. My five year old daughter Fifi is obviously asthmatic and although it has gotten slightly better sincer the dosage for the brown inhaler was increased.

She recently started sneezing a lot with mucus coming out, thought i was hayfever so did the GP and she was prescribed piriton syrup which does not seem to have helped.

Not sure what to do!!! I worry so much about her, everytime i hear her cough or sneeze my heart misses a beat.

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Have to you thought to ring the Asthma UK Helpline. I'm new to asthma, and I found them extremely helpful.

The one thing I've noticed within an hour of taking my reliever (blue) inhaler, I cough up a lot of mucus. Could it be a result of taking the inhale.


Not sure if its as a result of using the reliever beacuse she sneezes just as much even if she has not used the reliever that day. But i will call the helpline today. Thanks


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