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Post an interesting fact about yourself!

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I love visiting the AUK forums, it's like a little family on here! Definatley the best place to some when I was freaking about about being diagnosed with asthma a few months ago!

So, let's get to know each other some more. Post a fact about yourself or about something you done or about your life in general, that isn't asthma related!

I'll start:

I have a twin sister, and we often do the whole twin psychic thing. We'll actually say something competely random and out of the blue at the same time! I fainted after a PE lesson once and my sister came down to the sports hall so we could walk home together since it was the end of the day because she thought I'd need some support. She was at the other side of school with no way of knowing and we never walked home together!

Your turn!

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Oooooooo and another good thread! Love it!!!

I am like the queen and have 2 birthdays.

My real birthday is on the 13th July but my official birthday is the 18th July.

I was born in Spain and at the time you had to be registered within a week of the birth or face a hefty fine.

My dad didn't register me and my mum & I were still in hospital, so a judge friend of theirs lied and faked my date of birth!!!

As you can imagine this cqn cause a LOT of confusion :-D

I can drive a tractor!

sorry bird i'm going to one-up you LOL

I've driven :

Single Decker Bus

Double Decker Bus

Fire Engine on blues & twos

Police car on blues & twos



Wow! I struggle to even drive a car!

Bird I hope you're not one of those.tractor drivers that go 10 mph on a national speed limit road! ;)

All these ppl who can drive exotic things - how did you guys get into driving that lot?!

I've still not got round to learning to drive as I've not been living in places where you need one and it would have been an extra expense - figured if I learned I'd never use it and would forget, but need to learn soon!

But...I see letters, numbers, words, days of the week, months, music etc. in colour! It's called synaesthesia and I love it, can't imagine seeing things in black and white.

i don't drive all those vehicles as a matter of course i did the Marie Curie Ladies Driving Challenge when it came to my area quite a few years ago

It was great fun and i'd do it again if i got the chance :-)

Philomela that sounds weird - but in a good way LOL

I like the band evanescence and used to be a goth!

and I have 3 tattoos!

I dont drive tractors on the road... that's asking for trouble! A friend of mine lives on a farm and i used to help out when her Dad first died..

Also driven an ambulance on Blues and two's from my ambulance service days... so i think I've just out done you jingle as mine werent a matter of course hehe

Another interesting fact my cough has been on telly (I was in ED having an attack whilst filming some ED programme they did ask if I wanted to be filmed said no (was still working) but filmed the person next to me in resus)

Loving this thread! I am a part time guide at a horse riding and pony trekking centre in South Wales and regularly take people out riding in the Brecon Beacons. I ride lots of the horses but some of my favorites are the two Shires we have, Duchess and Kitty, and a traditional coloured gypsy Vanner horse called Cobalt. Until recently he was a stallion but his breeding days are now over - there are lots of his offspring now being trained up to take customers riding. Cobalt has bright blue eyes (hence the name), and is stunning with a flowing long forelock, mane and tail. He is the gentlest horse I have ever met, and loves to have face cuddles! Oh, and last week all the staff had a day out at the Gower and we all rode on the beach for a special treat!

awwww KEB that sounds lovely :-)

I've been learning to ride for about a year now but i only have a lesson every fortnight cos its expensive and i've not actually been since 4th July cos i've been suffering with sciatica :-( Thankfully that's more or less gone now so i'm hoping to go back to lessons next week :-) I was JUST starting to get comfortable with canter last time i was there - let's see how i get on next time :-s

[my favourite horse at the school is called Brownie :-) ]

i have driven on a skid pan -oh boy what adrenaline rush!!!!!!!!!

i have driven an ambulance (off blues&twos) i would like to know where the rear view mirror went - lol

i play the Bb clarinet,also clarinet and bass clarinet

had major heart surgery when 6 and the ticker is still going strong

completed 6 mile run for RNLI

lola - a skid pan is one driving thing i REALLY want to do (it might even make me less terrified of drivng in the snow / ice), not sure if there's one near me

I also play the clarinet but not very well, my first love is playing the flute :-)

Your 6 mile run for RNLI - it wasn't the reindeer run was it? I did that last year (10k) and that was for RNLI too

in reply to

lola - a skid pan is one driving thing i REALLY want to do (it might even make me less terrified of drivng in the snow / ice), not sure if there's one near me

I also play the clarinet but not very well, my first love is playing the flute :-)

Your 6 mile run for RNLI - it wasn't the reindeer run was it? I did that last year (10k) and that was for RNLI too

It was brilliant you drive a car attached to stabilisers with skid control on then off. We drove at speed then applied the breaks doing this and you can't half tell the difference !! at first it made me feel sick as a passenger then you forget it and enjoy the ride. i reckon i am a petrol head on the quiet.

The run was in the southwest cornwall which they organise every year - knackering but great fun.

I have driven from Cairns to Melbourne in Australia in a camper-van called Max.

And back in the 80's did a 'driveaway' in the US where you pick up and deliver someone's car. I drove from Augusta in Maine to Miami and the owner of the car who was travelling by road with her sister caught sight of her car in a car park near New York and came over to chat with us! (This journey was just after I had done Camp America.)

I am occasionally, less so than in the past, psychic!!! I have scared myself, my friends and my family on numerous occasions in the past. No lottery numbers which is an awful shame!

That is a shame Pauline! We could have had an AUK lottery syndicate - percentage of the millions to AUK and split the rest ;)

On the subject of instruments, I play the oboe, blades of grass (after I've had my inhaler lol), the cello, and (not very well which is a shame) the piano. I also sing when not being assaulted with incense by over-zealous priests.

I can count to ten in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Interested in learning new languages if anyone knows a different one! I can also speak and understand a little Chinese and write the words for people and mouth!

Loving it!!

Hmmm interesting fact about me...lets see

Theres only ONE of me hahaha

I have raise over £3000 for some of the poorest countries and been on CDs, magazined and more for my actions!!


Wow well done you!

I spent ages thinking about this and decided that actually I'm not that interesting!! So here goes...

I have a phobia of eggs and can't bear to touch them! I can bake with them as long as I crack them without touching the white or the yolk!


Well I can't drive, but I do believe in the afterlife and have experienced and seen odd things, seen both ghosts and once a UFO. And wanting to be that little bit different on my wedding day married in a dress that was black blue and purple with fish scales printed all over it, my husband chose my dress and we are still happily married 18 years later, so who says it is bad luck for the husband to see the dress before the big day?

Been lucky enough when younger to be coached swimming by Suki Brownsdon mum and Mike Geer (GB Olympic Swimming Coach at Sidney).

Also in my twenties I have been filmed for TV with Raymond Blanc, Aldi Zili, Vanessa Phelps and Jilly Goulden.

So many people on here with hidden talents!

Keep those facts coming!

Oooo midge im with u on the food one, but mine is raw chicken. As in from tesco de feathered and ready to cook...yucky yucky yucky cant do it at all. My friends and family always laugh at me as if i have to cut it i stab it with a fork and cut and wen its time to put in pan i push off chopping bored. Or if its just a chicken breast needing to be cookes it is i use anything i can get my hands on to move it. The best utensil i have used (if u can call it a utensil) was a corn on the cob fork thingy and a kebab stick. Hughly amusing .. to watch

Ive been trying to go through post it notes in my brain for a hidden talent that i may have stored for moments like this, and the best i can cone up with is i can put my foot behind my head...but on a serious note when i was a member for st john ambulance for the past 15 years i had done just under 22000 worth of volunteering hours!!

Im still searching those post it notes, im sure i can come up with something better than the ones ive posted!!


Charlie that just made me giggle! I once dissected a chicken at uni feathers and all... Was just revolting! I've even tried wearing gloves to crack eggs in the past but didn't realise they had latex in and burnt my hand... I blame the eggs they shouldn't be so yukky! Can't deal with touching very ripe bananas either!

Another possibly interesting fact is that I can write with both hands but do everything else with my left!

Hope were all well x

Well, I am not very interesting have never driven anything except a car and a motorbike.

I am very colour blind and see mostly in black and white, so I am told.

Lisa x

Lisa, when u say so ur told, do u not realise ur living in a 1950 film 24/5!? Can u not see colour at all!? My grandad was colour blind with the colour green and red. Not sure what it was exactly though. I was going tot say does it annoy u not seeing colour so to speak, but i guess u know no different!?

Ok another iteresting fact from charlie lol...

...I have 6 toes on my left foot...

Ok so its not really a sixth toe, its just a blinking collosal wart that a nurse though she would try and freeze and it came back double to size.

I have just realised how un interesting that is, but it filled up 5 mins of my time typing this out :-D


in reply to

I have just realised how un interesting that is, but it filled up 5 mins of my time typing this out :-D


That made me laugh!

My brother was actually born with 6 fingers on each hand!!! The 6th fingers didn't have bone but they did have nails. I also don't think there was any feeling in the extra finger cos the nurses tied them off with a tourniquet type thing and they just dropped off after a while

Wow! Everyone's got such interesting stuff! Brilliant driving, synasthesia, colour blindness and fund raising - what a collection of brilliance.

I've tried to think of interesting stuff about myself and all I can come up with is that my eyes are different colours. I'm hoping that I'll wake up in the middle of the night with one of those Eureka moments but i don't hold out much hope .....

My photo got into the local newspaper with actor from a well known TV series whilst at a local arts and crafts show.

Ouchie jinglfairy. That sounds really painful for ur brother. Surly there must have been nerve endings somewhere. Do they know why he hadit. Was it similar to one of those twins that dnt develop or just generally and extra digit!?


I've been away for 3 weeks 'til monday, so I've only just come across this. It's great to hear about these amzing facts about you all.

It took me a little while to think about something, but here it is. I'm a cover girl, not quite what you might think though, as I'm on the cover of a climbing guide not a glossy mag or anything.

I've got a degree... in Celsius.

Ive made a video :D


Seen it Charlie, it's absolutely brill. xxx

Charlie_warlie, I think you could post the link here if you want as it has been on the Asthma UK page too.

Jinglfairy, looks like the Marie Curie driving challenge is in Dorset in a few weeks - may have to look into that as it looks fab

My interesting/weird fact: I have an extra lumber vertebra - most people have 5

Only just seen this, loving some of your talents!

I'm an Advanced First Aider with St John Ambulance, don't drive and ambulance yet but will be some day :)

I'm also a musician, playing alto saxoophone and bassoon :)

Nothing else much exciting about me really, life is taken up by music at college, sja duties and work (I'm a Nursing Assistant at my local Costa)

hi all,

i can teach; Quad bikeng, Canoeing, Climbing Shooting and Archery.

g x

I dip dyed my hair yesterday with blue food colouring as I cant use proper dyes...and it look rather funky!!


I did my first ever jump on a horse yesterday :-D Only a very small one but a jump nonetheless :-D

What a great lesson :-D

I am passionate about Penguins.............

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