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Hi! New asthma member here!


I don't know where to post this cuz am new to this!

I just found out that I have asthma yesterday. I always am in general well, and since my chest is being funny and when breathing its not normal as I used to. I never had this condition until went to doctor about this.

I explained how i feel in my chest when breathing in - feeling a bit tightness, feeling funny and thought i would have an infection there. He asked if my breathing is wheezing or not, I told him i cant hear it because i am deaf. He checked on my blood pressure on my finger and ears, listening to my lungs. He had me blow on spirometery thingy, at first it was at over 200 second was under 300 and last one just around 300. Last time I had this was at 433 was years ago. He also said there is no signs of infections, and I was godsmacked! I didn't expect this to come out like this after back from Holliday last week, had a long thinking yesterday and think it was to do with the bites I had last week triggering this?

Is 200-300 was reading according to spirometery low? What is normal reading for healthy person without asthma?

So I was given a preventer and reliver and told to take 2 puffs of preventer twice a day and take 2 puffs of reliver when needed. I don't know what to do with them.

I don't know if it's for a long term or not.

How long should I see the doctor next?



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Just want to say a massive welcome to the forum!!

With regards to the spirometry results, i wouldnt like to comment as we are all different. For me 300 is reasonable. It can vary for your height, weight and age!!

If you are unsure about your inhalers, feel free to ring the asthma nurses on the number up at the top of the page as they should be able to advise. Also make an appointment with your asthma nurse at your GP, as they will be able to keep an eye on you, support you and guide you!!...

Hope thing start to settle for you soon!!



welcome to the forum :)

As you are deaf perhaps you could ask your chemist to help you with your questions,

make a list of any questions you need answers to

I only suffer from asthma in the summer months, especially July and August, so mine must be pollen related therefore I use my preventer inhaler as soon as I start to need my reliever inhaler


Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

At the moment I am waking up once thru the night with difficulties to calm down and using the reliever to relieve the tightness and funny in the chest. This morning I woke up at 4am but wide awake and unable to go back to sleep cuz of this. I felt like I can't catch breath properly with my pulsing racing and throbbing thru the body!

That's what I am planning to do - arm with questions I have for doctor or nurse for the next appointment I will be seen soon for this.

I still don't know why I have this. I think it got to do with the bites I had last sat (not yesterday obviously!) and made this worse? I have no clues whatsoever lol.

Thank you x


hi welcome

you need a proper asthma plan off your gp this will explain your medication and when/how to increase/decrease your medication and also what to do in an asthma attack


Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find the information here useful.


Hello Nanaki and welcome,

There is a short description of each forum area below the title e.g. Medical: For medical discussion about asthma i.e. specific questions and General for more general discussion.

Anyway, there are people with all levels of asthma here so you will see many different experiences and thus answers to most questions you may have. Have a look around and use the search. Also there is a lot of Asthma UK information along the green bar at the top of the site. Information leaflets can be ordered under 'How we can help > Publications'.

It is good you have found this website at diagnosis - you can call the nurse advice line Mon to Fri 9 to 5 too.

In regards to your readings, they are peak flow values (peak expiratory flow PEF on spirometry). Average or predicted values depend on age, height, male or female - see here for details from the peak flow meter manufacturer peakflow.com/top_nav/normal...

Do go back to your GP or practice asthma nurse with questions written down - some will use asthma uk info such as action plans too.


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