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difficulty swallowing??

Is this asthma?

Recently I have found it difficult to swallow (not when eating) at times it feels as though throat is blocked so will take a couple of attempts.

Not wheezy and not really struggling as such, though have woke up with a choking feeling too as though the airway is blocked.

Obv wll go to GP if it continues, but has anyone experienced this before?


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I know how you're feeling and am currently waiting for a referral to a chest physio to look into the prospect of a diagnosis of Hyperventilation Syndrome and Vocal Chord Syndrome. VCD is where your vocal chords aren't properly in sync and so clap together at times when they shouldn't so you feel like you can't get enough breath in.

I've been told to go on this website and go through their questionnaire thing to see whether my symptoms fit with Hyperventilation and they do, so ringing up tomorrow to request the referral.

Might be worth mentioning this to your GP/Nurse/Consultant.


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