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Have I missed much?

Hi all.

Back from hoiday in sunny (yes, really, there was this gret big yellow thing in the sky radiating heat and well being) Eastern Europe. Internet was almost impossible to get and, quite frankly, it was so slow that it only annoyed me so I gave up and amused myself listening to more persistent people sulking when their signal vanished halfway through whatever they were doing.

I've had such a good time (and please note that I'm not even attempting to bore you all with everything I've seen and done. l save that for my family when I get round to downloading my 300+ photos) and I feel like sharing, so I wondered what nice things have happened to people while I've not been about. I'll take anything that's made you smile, from a lottery win to the cat bringing in a live mouse for you to chase.

Anyway,I hope everyone's ok and not too fed up with the nasty weather, and that some of you have had something nice happen that they'd like to have an excuse to talk about.

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Welcome back! Glad you had a nice holiday - don't suppose you brought any of that big yellow thing back with you? No? ;)

My latest: I have possibly found a nice house to live in for the next year, with lots of space for books etc.

Also I'm going on a 3-day neuroanatomy course in Sept - yay! I realise this is not most people's idea of fun, but brains make me smile and I've not had a chance for much practical stuff yet.

Also I had an excellent day last Wed in London starting with a helpful appt.

I'll stop rabbiting on now - but glad you had a good holiday, hope it's not too depressing being back in the rain! AT least you didn't miss such sun as we've had, which I did during my (amazing, so not complaining) trip to America.


Wow! It's all going on for you Philomela. It's great that you've found a house with enough space for your books - I've been thinking about building a shed to put mine in ;)

Neuroanatomy sounds fine in princicpal, but do you have to rummage about in brains or is it all diagrams and scans? Anyway, however it works I hope you enjoy it and come away feeling you've learnt something.


Welcome home!!! Sounds like you had a great time which is fab :-)



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