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Parents not caring for asthma!

My parents smoke in the house all the time and they smoke ALOT! like 15-20 fags each a day! so i try basically never to go downstairs anymore coz my asthma is getting progressively worse nd they won't listen they won't even smoke outside for me even though my asthma nurse said they need to smoke outside because you're asthma is in serious danger but they won't listen i've even told them i could have an asthma attack and broke down in tears is there something i could do someone please help me!! :( i will be willing to sue them lol

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That sounds really bad!! My dad is a home smoker with three asthmatics in the house and won't stop, grrr!!

I went for the i will not make it easy for you to smoke, which meant that every time he lit up and put it down, i would stub it out then move the ashtray and cigs lol

Otherwise sorry, if you can't get them to stop the best that you can do is find a space for yourself, and ask them not to smoke when you are around.


Could they be persuaded to smoke at an open window? I know it will still affect you but less so. Or just open all of the windows when they do smoke and sit by one.


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