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Good advert for an asthmatic

That was the comment to me today by my dance teacher hahaha

She was laughing at / with me cos today i've done lots of exercise:

Swum 50 lengths front crawl (25m pool)

cycled 5 miles to the beach to see the torch

ran alongside the torch bearer i know then ran back along the beach for a good vantage point for the next bit (maybe 2k)

cycled 5 miles home

did 30 minutes dance lesson (should've been 60 but i got there late and my teacher had to leave early :-( )

And after all that i'm still breathing easy - even when i did get cross in my dancing lesson so was panting and my teacher told me to breathe, i growled back ""i'm not in the mood for breathing today!"" hahaha

I'm lucky in that my asthma is less troublesome in the summer - had i attempted all that in the winter things may be different right now

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That's great stuff jinglefairy! Long may it continue! xxx


wow! Even when my asthma was hiding I couldn't have done most of that, being the lazy person I am! I'm massivly impressed and would be even if you weren't asthmatic - long may it continue.

My GP once asked me if I did any sport and might be planning to qualify for the Olympics. lol that was a funny one given my aptitude for sports (ie none except for swimming which I'm ok at). I asked him if skiving was included and then we had a slightly bizarre conversation about odd things that were considered Olympic sports.


One word.........WOW!


Can you spare a little of whatever you are taking to keep your asthma at bay? :)


Wow, well done. Glad you're well and lungs behaving. Hope it continues xx


Thanks guys :-) Pleased to report no ill-effects from yesterday (i was slightly wary) i've even done another dancing lesson today - full 60 minutes today :-)

Malawi, i'm very lucky in that my asthma is usually very mild and i keep myself fit anyway (i exercise 5 days a week usually - though not normally as much as yesterday in one day LOL). Many summers i can *almost* forget i'm asthmatic but once the temperature drops to low figures then i'm easily floored


Could I swap your mild asthma for mine for just a few days please.... When mine was mild a could do the swim and the run, but would not attempt the cycling. I just take one look at the hills and give up...


Jinglefairy, that's amazing. Can I have some of whatever it is that's given you all that energy?


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