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This is my reply to PEAKSTEVE r.e: SWINE FLU JAB

For your information I am not looking to gather evidence as all evidence is at the Tribunal. I was looking for some reassurance that I was not alone, which for give me if I was wrong but I thought that is what you are here for.

You say you do not suppress information regarding possible side-effects of any medication.

yet I have not seen any thing to let people know that there is a Gov web site with claims form if you had a reaction to swine flu jab.

The Final report of adverse drug reaction reports in Sweden with Pandemrix through October 2009- mid April 2010, total number of reported reactions 659, serious reactions 165.

Allergic reactions 121 reported 36 serious. Asthma 21 reported 8 serious, between Jan 2009 and Aug 2010.And you say you do not keep any thing form us. So are you now going to post this information?.

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Consider this a formal warning, as per the message board terms and conditions. Specifically:

At all times, the moderators' decision is final. If you disagree with a moderator's decision you can contact them via PM, or send an e-mail to No discussion into moderator decisions will be entered into with any member who was not the recipient of that decision.


And you agree not to:

* Use obscenity or insults

* 'Flame' or attack people individually

* Post your message twice under different subtopics

Please realise that there is a big difference between ""keeping things from you"" and ""posting information that may be relevant to certain people"". None of the information that you have posted in your post above was present in the post that [B]I was asked by Asthma UK to remove.

It is not the job of Asthma UK to publish details of drug side-effects. Us not doing so is not in any way an attempt to suppress information. We also don't publish a list of diabetes treatments, or a list of chiropodists in Coventry; it doesn't meant that we are trying to deny that these things exist!

Under normal circumstances, I'm sure Webeditor would have been happy to discuss your post and suggest a way of posting the same thing without appearing to be evidence-gathering. However, your response above has rather eroded our goodwill on the matter. Please consider this issue closed.


If you want to take me on do it openly and not by pm, if your not open minded then may by we should have someone more open mined. You are here to help us not keep thing from us.


This IS open. We don't have PMs on this board at the moment. I am here to help everyone, but I'm also here to carry out tasks that Asthma UK have asked me to do, such as removing the content of your first post. Asthma UK pay for this message board, and they have every right to protect themselves legally if they see fit.

If you can explain precisely what I have kept from everyone, please do so. Otherwise:

Please consider this issue closed.


Rob, if you search the forums you will see at the time of the swine flu pandemic that a number of us who had the vaccine had reactions to it.


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