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has anyone been prescibed this ??

Gavin 13 Apr 12 1:30pm

Hi all

I just wondered if anyone else suffers with a rather ""clogged up"" and deep irritating cough (similar to early morning cough etc') feeling following eating ??

I have been given a prescription for Domperidone 10mg to take 15 min's before food up to 4 times a day.

Any feed back will be gratefully received.

thank you



Keep smiling, it worries people.

Replies to: has anyone been prescibed this ??

islandmedic 16 Apr 12 2:32pm

i've had it prescribed for me too Gavin, hope it works for you.

BooBoo 13 Apr 12 9:41pm

I was prescribed Domperidone too, I was having the feeling of food regurgitating and acid and it worked wonders on it. However when I stopped using a LABA, the symptoms dissapeared and I no longer need to take the Domperidone!!

JF 13 Apr 12 3:31pm

I had uncontrolled asthma symptoms, extreme shortness of breath and a non-productive cough. I was also prescribed omeprazole at the same time. I didn't know I had acid reflux until they tried me on these tablets and there was a slight improvement in symptoms. I have tried stopping them to see if they are really working and I get worse asthma symptoms.

I hope the domperidone works for you.

Angelica 13 Apr 12 3:16pm

Hi gavin!

My son was on this for a few months due to stomach issues.

It helps to move food faster through your digestive system so that its not just 'sitting' im your stomach etc.

My son had no side affects from it I'm glad to say.

Hope it works for you.


Gavin 13 Apr 12 1:53pm

Thanks for a quick reply, what kind of symptoms were you suffering prior to being prescribed Domperidone? (if you don't mind me asking)



Keep smiling, it worries people.

JF 13 Apr 12 1:48pm

Hi Gavin,

Yes, I have. 10mg 3 times a day.


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