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This sounds like advertising to me.

Has bumped up an old post and recommended 'IQAir air purifier in the Asthma Magazine'. Their profile includes a website AllergyCosmos.co.uk which if I remember correctly is a no-no like including email addresses? On first look, I suspect this may be bordering on advertising commercial products or services. Profile also says Likes/Dislikes: Non medical asthma and allergy relief solutions.

Haven't looked any further at this time of night after a rather erm interesting day but will look afresh tomorrow. What do you think in the meantime?

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Have looked at this again,

Well he bumped up a post tinyurl.com/cxzev4r over 3 years old and stated

""Asthma Air purifier

My family and I have lived abroad for many years, and our doctor there recommended the use of an air purifier to control asthma. We tried different ones and our experience was that you get what you paid for them- a lot of the cheap air purifiers did not work. After moving to Kent we saw an IQAir air purifier in the Asthma Magazine. We have been using it for 10 month and we absolutely love it. It takes out all pollution from the air and has medical grade filtration (EN 1822). I recommended it to our friends who have asthma in their family too and they are also very happy with it.""

On looking at the Asthma UK magazines here asthma.org.uk/how_we_help/a... realised he referred to Issue 29 February - April 2011. Page 20 is a full page ad for Allergy Cosmos inc the air purifier previously mentioned! Is this an appropriate way for an Asthma UK magazine advertiser to act?

In conclusion, appears to be commercial advertising and sockpuppetry, hence banned.


Good call, TJ. In order to advertise in the AUK magazine you would have to pay, and advertising revenue helps pay for the magazine. He certainly shouldn't be looking at getting some extra free publicity from the message boards.


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