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I am mentioning this here because another non-asthma site I moderate are working something that I think might be useful here, it runs along the lines of:

Because we can not guarentee there will be more than one moderator around at any given time, if a moderator is concerned about a users posts or behaviour they can and will suspend the account pending a review by other admin. We are doing this because as we are all too aware there are times when a moderator is ""on duty"" alone it is a heavy responsibilty if something crops up. It is far better to suspend a user for a few hours until back up arrives and any further action or not can be taken with the full agreement of the moderating team. Also sometimes when things get heated a little time out is no bad thing.

One other thing cathy and Steve you said you noticed graf-whats-his-face re-registering I did not see that, is there an extra level of mod-dem land that I can't see. I am not worried BTW I was just curious. Also is the only way to remove a whole post to start at the bottom and edit/remove working your way up the 1st post which can then be removed as there are no replies to it IYSWIM.


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Yes, that sounds fine and TBH that's what we tend to do anyway.

Re: deleting a thread, if you delete the OP then the whole lot will disappear (but please save a copy to HDD before doing this so there's a record).

Re: GarfxArt, no there's no extra mod-dom - it was just an instinct backed up by checking up. Noticed ""Canonist"" posting in a rather friendly, familiar style with a "";oD"" winky smily at the end of his posts which implied they were someone with something to hide, and the IP was exactly the same as GrafxArt. Then we got the PM forwarding the email which had confirmed it.

If you click the IP address of a post it brings up all the posts made from that IP address, which is handy!


Ah that clicking on the IP address was just what I was looking for, a very useful function and yes I would always keep a copy of anything I am careful like that. Oh and if Graf-whats-his-name gives anyone any trouble I will take him to court for libel as he knows full well I did not suspend his account and I will not have my name sullied by an idiot. Oh and you might like to know I happen to know the Uk's top internet libel QC which might come in useful to AUK as well.



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