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GrafxArt - interesting PM

Sent to me yesterday. See what you make of it - I have forwarded to Luke as I don't feel comfortable a) with the content or b) with veiled ""threats"".

Can you please arrange to have my account here at Asthma UK's website closed as well?

I was a paramedic, I needed the training due to the locations in which myself and my colleagues worked (radio masts on mountain tops), and I too was in contact with Jade and realised that there was something not quite right. Like, how could she carry on typing messages to multiple users when she had severe breathing difficulties? I have Type 2 Brittle Asthma, and when I have an attack it is as much as I can do to keep breathing!

This was not what I joined Asthma UK for, and I feel that I really don't want to be part of this group. If you cannot terminate the account, then I will have no option but to resign from Asthma UK and stop working on the health-care and Parliamentary committees on which I work as a volunteer. Having witnessed what went on I really feel ashamed to admit I belong to this organisation.

I've blocked all contact through my profile, and erased all my details, but you can confirm the termination of the account through the following email address: -'s my login address.

Thank-you in anticipation of your help in this matter.

Kindest regards,


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Drama queen. We're better of without him. Bye-bye.

That succinct enough? :P


Nice cyber flounce :) I am not aware of any parliamentry things he could be sitting on, I assume we can confirm this with AUK as they should be aware of his wierd attitude. I have been a bit worried about him from the word go he seemed to to have head well up his arse.

Wipe your feet on the way out matey!



Luke has been digging:

""I've had a chat with our Supporter and Information Team about John and he is quite an active member. He's a case study, e-campaigner, Research and Policy volunteer and has featured in Asthma Magazine - so by resigning and stopping his committee work he obviously means canceling all of the above!

""I agree with you that the tone of his email was very odd, but at the same time we wouldn't want to lose such an active member.""

He's crafted a very silky-smooth response explaining that, whilst we can't delete his account for security reasons, we can suspend it indefinitely.


I've suspended him, although not from as great a height as I would have liked. ;)


what i don't get is why he needs his account closed or suspeded, why not just not come on here and not look? Attention seeking it seems to me. If he is so involved and working with AUK why be like this, it all seems rather strange


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