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Volumatic use. Question, can we reuse volumatics for other patients?

I know it is accepted practice in some hospitals for multiple use of volumatics and on principle it should be fine, howere it does say single use, what do we do?

Use of volumatics for an exacerbation, reversibility testing or demonstration purposes in practice.

Just wondering if many members advocate using the practice volumatics for multiple patients, washing inbetween?

What do others do?

As patients do not often bring in their volumatics, is there any other solution apart from nebulising, suggesting 'take the prescription to the pharmacist first', re-use of the practice volumatics or buying in new volumatics for each patient?

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Ideally volumatics should be single use patient use only but it isn't always practical or possible. I know my practice nurse has one that she lets patients use when needing their inhaler in the surgery and she sterilises it between each patient.


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