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Setting up an asthma clinic

Hi there, i am pretty new to asthma but have a strong interest I have just completed an asthma diploma with the NRTC and am nowin the process of setting up an asthma clinic, I am a school nurse so will primarily be responsible for my boarding pupils who are registered under the school doctor but would also like to offer the service to our day pupils who are registered under many different doctors, I will also be responsible for arranging study days for our teaching staff and in the future for other staff at other schools, I would be very grateful of any adivice regarding my plans, especially on how you wud personally feel if i was reveiwing one of your patients keepiing you informed at all times, also on what you specifically look at in your reviews and how I can obtain various resources which I may require.

thank you.

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new nurse setting up asthma clinics experienced help appreciated.

I am also tasked with setting up asthma clinics and am new to asthma, currently completing the asthma diploma at NRTC but really looking forward to the challenge.

I work in a prison setting and have to set up 2 clinics one for men and one for women. Whether because of where I work or the fact that I am not contacting the right people I am having difficult getting information, products, product info, some drug companies have not even returned my calls, setting up advice anything. I have a larger than average population of asthmatics most of which have never heard of an asthma review let alone anything proper nursing care and support and taking responsibility for their own health,and would be grateful for anything or any advice information difficulties solutions etc etc that anyone can give.

Thankyou for your time.

vonney please tell me how you fared.


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