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Motivation and Asthma

I wasnt really sure where to put this so i put it in general.

I was just wondering if anyone finds that when their asthma is more uncontrolled and un stable they want to more things that their body wont let them. just know my chest is getting much better but i konw it is not right yet, but i really want to start doing sport again and i knowim not allowed. it is almost like craving to do it because i ahve been told no. About six years ago when i was healthy before thinsg turned my coach for the team i played for used to ahve to force me to go to the gym to keep my fitness up but over the past few weeks i ahve been longing to go to the gym.

I guess it is sort of like the forbidden fruit. like when you gove chocolate up for lent and you wnat it even more during that time when you not allowed it than when you normally are.

i was thinking about it last night and just wondered if anyone else has the same sort of feelings. i wish when i was meant to be goign to the gym before i ahd the motivation that i do now.

Would be interetsed to hear from people!

Have a good day


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i have just read your message and i totally agree, i have been feeling poorly for a couple of weeks and now on home nebs, steroids etc and all i want to do is to be able to go to the gym, all my friends played netball last night, but not for me had to sit and watch.

I guess it makes you realise how much you miss doing something when you cant.

I often sit and wonder if i will ever get back to the gym or being able to normal things with my friends.

sorry if i sound miserable about it all but really fed up with it all at the moment.

Take care


This is me too! I often get tempted to do some crazy sort of exercise when I'm not totally well. Thankfully I have people around me to stop me. Of course they think I am nuts and bonkers and cannot understand where the heck I am coming from. It's just that my whole body (and brain) except maybe my lungs is just craving to get moving. Anyhow, you are definitely not alone in that one!



Hi Olive,

I have noticed also your postings to do with improving health...! Sometimes improvements can create an over-confidence and lead to taking two steps foward one step back, so it is best to be cautious. However you may be able to do some exercises at home. Static stretching exercises for instance are good for the muscles and circualtion and don't require too much lung power either - and if you have been still for a long time, exercises like this will help pave the way for more involved ones later!

All the very best with your recovery.



Hi Olive, I sort of know what you mean, though I've never been sporty so it is not a craving for exercise as such (I wish!). But I do get intensely frustrated with not being able to do things. Havent been able to get in the garden at all this year; when the weather has been ok my lungs have been bad and vice versa. And yes, i have not infrequently launched into something thinking I was better or ok, and realising it was not such a good idea - thinking it isnt far and it would do me good to wallk, then regreting it. But this is from general ups and downs, not a long recuperation, so not quite the 'forbidden fruit' scenario you describe, more just generally wanting to get on with things. I put some of it down to pred induced hyper-ness, maybe that could be something to do with it for you?


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