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sorry if this seems like a silly question

but, as my cons works in a different town to where i am based at the moment, how would I let him know that i had a costa admission recently, as he didnt have any real record of the last one which was before i saw him for the first time, seeing him next wednesday, but need to inform him that this has happened?

any ideas, as it stands i'm considering setting a trap to catch me a pigeon lol

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My protocol from the RBH says to call them for advice and people do! Before I was treated by the RBH I was trying to stay working and therefore had a flat in London and house in Devon and managed to go off in both places. My asthma was managed by Ealing but all the resp cons have a tendency to know each other or not know of each other, ask them to contact your cons and let them know exactly what has been going on. Torbay and Ealing used to email each other!



If you make it known who your consultant is they're normally good at contacting each other. I didnt even need to say anymore than who my consultant was and they did it for me. If i end up in clinic at home then my consultant at uni is copied into all the letters and vice versa. Also both my GPs are copied into letters so that they're both up to date.



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