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i just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about allowences in exams.

i have my as levels in about 3 weeks (agh!) and i have had lots of time off from 6th form due to asthma, school are well aware of the situation and are very supportive.

I spoke to my head of 6th form about writing a letter to the exam board explaing that i have missed ,amy lessons due to ill health. She said that the exma boards cant do anything or take it into consideration as it is a chronic illness, and the only way i would get allowences made was if i was ill within a month of my exmas, like now!

Is that right?

is there anything i can do ?

personally i dont think that is fair, i dont like missing lessons and i know that as a result of doing so my grades have dropped :-(!

thanks katie xxx

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You should be able to get your asthma taken into consideration. Talk to your examinations officer as they will have the most uptodate knowledge (or should do)

I think that they should contact the special considerations department for each of the exams board that you are taking exams with. They can only say no. It may be that you won't get extra time for the exams but they might well be able to take into consideration that you struggle.


hey katie!

At school i sit in my own room and have rest breaks/ some thing where i can stop my exam do wateva i need 2 then carry on (thou im not allowed 2 leave the room). Nd i know that if u have an attack in the middle of an exam you get 2% of ur marks added on...or 1% if ur hayfeversbad (or there is a thing i think if u dont do more than half of the paper because of illness ur teacher has 2 give other ppls names in your class that you got similar marks 2 nd u get an average marks from thet...well thats what my history teacher said neway!)

Wowo long post

Hope that helps

Me x


Hey Katie

I too get to sit my exams in a smaller room or if i want in the SEN room. They can also keep you in isolation (i think, someone correct me if wrong) if you have an attack before the exam (if it's fairly minor and can be controlled without you leaving the school's premisses) until the attack is finished and then allow you to take the test in isolation. And as Emma says you can get a % added onto your mark if you have an attack during your exam.

Hope this is of some help

Good luck with the exams!

Becca xx


hi i'm aboyut 2 take my GCSE's, i haven't been able 2 sit in another room because there is anyone 2 sit with. but i have been given extra time and getting consideration when marking (they can give up 2 5 marks eter per paer (i thi)) because i have bad shakes and missed alot of time. mi last admission was a while ago now (luckley) but that hasn't made any difference .

u should look into it further



thanks, i get extra time as i am dyslexic, i no i f i ave an attack i get % added or what ever .. i dunno bout a seperate room , they did that for my GCSES but that casue i had a horrid cough and couldnt stop coughing ...but i think that they should take into consideration the ammount of time you have taken off sue to an illness.. oh well lets hust hope we all get through them ok!

good luck to everyone who is takin exams!



Yea this is a cool thread...nd dont 4get when u get ur results 2 post them here so we can all sey congrats 2 u!!!!


lol .. like wise to everyone takin exams

btw hows the revision goin?



my bedroom is covered in posters! its gonna look bare when i get 2 take them all down! how abouts u?


II am doing the Junior Cert In June. I am Petrified! AHHHH! FIVE WEEKENDS LEFT!


wow what would i give for 5 weekends!

my 1sy one is on the 15th of may


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