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pulled chest muscle

I pulled a chest mucsle last week & it has really been hurting me a lot evry time i snezze or i cough or sit up after i lieing down it really hurts me & it really hurts also when i suffer an attack. when to my gp with it yesterday he just said it was nothing to worry about that it would hael it's self in a few days even when i told him that it reaaly hurts he just said to leave it to heal on it's own. it is affecting my sleep. i just dont know wot to do my gp doesn't seem to want to know. does anyone know of a way to ease the pain so i can get a good's nite sleep.


Jonathan xxxx

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chest pains

Pulling any muscle is tough and painful at the best of times but unfortunatly there isnt much a doctor can do, I suggest you ice and or heat to reduce the swelling - try to keep your shoulders down as when the chest is tight they tend to rise up and you dont even notice which make your posture wrong and only adds to pain.

You could try swimming, a sauna or a steam to help relax your muscles or if that doesnt help you could ask your doctor about pain killers.

Taking a strong pain killer will relax the muscles ease the strained muscle and help the tension in the chest which if your having problems can I have found help you avoid using Pred, but really do you want to any more medication if you can help it.

I hope you find some of this useful.



i personally found a supermarkets own brand of deep heat muscle rub works quite well, but you MUST make sure it does not contain any anti inflammaries and that it only contains herbal kind of things, Morrisons i know does a good one called Muscle rub. I used it when i pulled many muscles in my back coughing lots.

Hope that helps you, if it doesnt go away in a week as to be referred to a physio they are very helpful too.


Hi, I pulled a muscle in my chest only a month or so back and know exactly what its like. agony when you sneeze or cough and wake up every time you move in bed. It took nearly 4 weeks for mine to heal and the only thing that really helped was nurofen. now you have to be careful with it coz apparently if you're asthmatic you shouldn't take it but i tolerate it fine. other than that you will just have to take paracetamol or a painkiller that you know you can tolerate. other than that just hang in there and try and do as little as possible so you don't aggrivate it any more.

Smithy x


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