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After some advice

Hi all i am after some advice. Over the past few nights i havn't been getting much sleep around 3-4 hours if i am lucky. The reason is i keep waking up coughing & whezzing which is making it diffucult to sleep. I did suffer a attack at the weekend which aws a bad one. I was just wondering if anyone new of a way to help me get some more sleep at night.

Thank You


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Jonny, sorry to hear you are being woken up, its so exhausting not getting a full nights sleep. Waking the night as you describe is classic sign of poorly controlled asthma, it also probably warrants further investigation to rule out some other common triggers acid reflux and post nasal drip spring to mind but I am sure one of the Dr's will be along with a better explanation of those soon. In the mean time how about House Dust Mites (HDMs)? Do you have an allergy to them. The little critters love bedding and that is why many get worse when in bed. Wash your duvet and pillows at 60 degrees (or put into a bin liner and put in the freezer for 48 hours) go to Boots and get a mattress cover then ask someone else to hoover the mattress both sides really well preferably outside, away from you and then pop the cover on. Sleeping propped up on pillows will probably help but I know from experience that you often ""fall off"" I always ended up flat on the bed with pillows above my head and my feet poking out the end. I have since got an electric bed but that is a bit of drastic solution (although one I would recommend if nocturnal asthma continues to be a problem) you can get wedges that I know many here swear by which help to keep you propped up.

Sorry I don't have a magic solution, hopefully things will settle and you will be able too get a good nights sleep soon.



Thanks will try to get an appipoment with my Gp or my asthma nurse & discuss it with them & see what they say.


Hi Jonny,

As I said the other day, waking at night wheezing is a sign of poorly controlled asthma, and that can be dangerous. Please do see your GP as soon as possible to get your asthma treatment reviewed.

As Bex has mentioned, there are plenty of strategies to make sleeping easier, and the search facility on the site should turn up a lot of advice, but basically you should not be getting these symptoms if your asthma is properly controlled, so you may need extra treatment. Looking at your profile, you are not on very much medication for your asthma, so there is plenty of room for increasing it if you are not well controlled.

Hope this helps

Em H


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