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Life is too short

Apologies for this post, I am struggling at the moment and need a space to let off steam before my breathing goes splat in a big way.

I was thinking last night about my grandfather and was remembering how he was a remarkable person. He had lived a full life, living everyday as if it was his last. In view of a recent post I thought that I would just tell people something that my grandpa said to me earlier this year.

I was getting very down over the state of my health and my grandpa phoned me up and reminded me that life is too short and that we have no second chances with it. He said that everything i did was an achievement especially with my lungs and that I should be proud of myself for getting up each day and fighting.

""Life is for living, there is no point just coasting along and expecting things to come to you. You must go out there and fight for them."" He went on to say that it was up to me to make the decision but that from his point of view you must live everyday and that you must go to bed each night thanking god that you were alive.

I am sorry if people think that this inappropriate or if i have offended anyone. I think that the past few days has brought it home to me just how precious life is.

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you have a lot to be proud of rusty and i wish i had half the courage you had.

take care and remember there are alot of people that care about you,

lots of love and cuddles

mel xxxxxxxxxxx


That is an inspiration for us all however severe or mild our asthma is.

Ange xx


thank you for sharing something so presious with us rusty. memories are wonderful things especially ones given by thoughts from grandparents.


Thanks for that Rusty. Your grandfather sounds like a very wise man who lived life to the full. Sometimes we can all get weighed down with life in general not just health concerns but sometimes we can overlook the acheivements made everyday. I have suffered a major breakdown and depression in the past and one of things I was taught was everyday acknowledge something you have acheived today however small, sometimes the only thing I could think off was ok ive got dressed but thats a start from sitting about in pj's .I know its really difficult sometimes but it can help, I think sometimes we all expect too much from ourselves and each other.

Please take care of yourself and i hope you dont head for a splat. If you need a chat feel free to pm me :-)

Julie x


Rusty, thankyou for posting that. It's a very, very wise way of looking at things.

I've been meaning to come back and post because it reminded me of that saying well, not saying, don't know what it is, but the one that goes:

""God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference"". Which i think is a really useful approach to life, not ust asthma - to focus on the things one can do and not worry about what the things you can't control.

except knowing the difference is something i still have trouble with - if wisdom comes with age i wish it would hurry up because at the moment I'm still far to liable to skip the sensible option and try something for the hell of it when it is really not a good idea :)


Hey there Rusty.

You've always been so sweet to me when I have been down and/or poorly so I just wanted to say I hope you are feeling a bit brighter. It's ok to feel s*** now and then and recognising that life is precious when you feel so down is a very hard thing to achieve and by doing so you should be proud of yourself.

I'm thinking of you - and everyone else having a bad time right now.

Big fat squishy hugs and much love, Fluffy. x x x


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