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Russells Hall and Corbett and Guest Hospitals

Sorry to be bombarding you all with questions i was wondering if any one has experience with Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley also reading some clinics are held at either Corbett and Guest Hospitals i have looked at the write up for these hospitals and the respiratory and endocrine departments that i would be under also has any one been under any of the doctors here or have an insight into the service they provide with regards to respiratory (including sleep clinics) and the endocrine department . Any thing would be good

Thank you for your time kind regards Jaycie

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I am a patient who is seen at Guest out-patients for asthma and who has also been a in-patient many times at Russells Hall, again for asthma. The resp service is brilliant with an large team of resp nurses who work in the hospital and in the community when you are discharged from hospital, there is also a dedicated helpline that is maned by these nurses. The care seems second to none and the consultants all seem to be very dedicated and approachable, I have seen all of them at some time when they have been doing the emergency intake rounds. If you google the Dudley Group of Hospitals there is a web-site with links to the resp service and all the lung function unit provides, it is very informative. If you want to ask anything about things I know of the resp service there just pm me.




The Corbett and Guest hospitals are both brand new out-patient units; very nice, and parking has never been a problem when I've had to take people there.


Hello Jaycie, welcome to my old stomping ground! Can't really add much in the way of detail from a professional point of view because I've never worked with the resp team at the hospital, but I can tell you that from a GP point of view they seem very thorough and lovely to patients. There is a well-established outreach team to manage patients in the community, and a sleep clinic also. Your nearest tertiary referral centre would be Heartlands, over the other side of Birmingham (probably a journey of about 40ish minutes by car).

Endocrine department are also very well set up, I believe; not a lot more to say about them I'm afraid as it's much less often that we ever have contact with them!



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