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HI all,

my Asthma has nosedived recently and my specialist has asked me to keep a diary for a few months, I already have a PIKO1 meter which I am using but I know you can get a cradle and software for it but I cant find a UK supplier, does anyone know where I can get one from.

Or does anyone know of a free peakflow diary software which I can download.



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  • Hey,

    Can't really help out with that. I was discharged with a PiKo-1 yesterday from RBH (which I have some how broke que thortons special toffee and plastic stirrer). I'm going back in in 4 weeks so they can download the recordings off it but they have also asked me to get them down on paper. Think it needs a cradle of some sort?

    Tks xx

  • Hi Pete, sorry to hear things aren't going so well.

    Checked my usual med supplies places but none of them seem to carry the base unit and software, just the meter itself.

    However, if you go to groupferraris.com/ferrarisr...

    This is the manufacturer's own site and there is an enquiry form that you can use to contact them - I would imagine they can give you a list of stockists.

    Hope you find what you need,


  • Hi Pete,

    A company called Fitness Assist sell them, they have them in stock and they retail at £29.95 inc VAT, cradle and software. (btw, they don't actually list them on their site, you need to ring.)

    Web addy: fitnessassist.co.uk/


  • Nice one Meady. Found them, but didn't find it on the website - that explains it.

  • You're welcome CathBear :)

  • thanks for the advice, I will give them a call next week


  • The asthma UK website offer a peak flow diary


  • I have recently put together a PiKo diary/chart with space for PF and FEV1. If anyone wants me to send it them let me know. I have to record, am, noon, pm and during attacks so I have had to make one myself that can be left open because I don't know how many times a day I'm going to have to record. So if anyone wants that let me know.

    Tks xxxx

  • Just called fitness assist on 01978 660077 and ordered software and cradle. Girl I spoke to had never heard of it but went and found out and they have some in stock, it should be with me by the end of the week.


  • Nice one Bex.

    Had the same when I rang. I only stumbled across them doing them when I googled it and it came up on a pdf document of theirs but couldn't find it on the website. I will definately be purchasing one soon.

    Does anyone know how small these things are? I want to take a pf metre to work but don't want to take the normal one as it's a bit big.

  • websites say pocket size?

  • The Piko 1 is tiny, about the sized of an MDI inhaler only wider at the bottom. I am not good about sizes but I would say 2.5 inches by 2 inches and about 3/4 inch thick inside its protective case.


  • Cool, nice one Bex, definately pocket sized as Katharine has said :)

  • tinyurl.com/2rwqqh

    Theres a pic there if your stuck for sizes.

    Tks xxx

  • Ive just bought a piko 1 from ebay for £13.00 they have several on their at the moment starting from £!0.00 well worth the money but some GP's will perscribe them

    hope this helps


  • I got my new one on prescription as I broke the one from RBH. My GP prescribed and I get free prescriptions anyway so didn't even have to pay the standard £6.85 (or however much prescriptions are now) well worth getting it prescribed if you can.

    Tks xxx

  • Many GP's won't prescribe them cos they are not in the BNF or on any of their fancy computerised systems. Ask them to check MIMs cos they are in there but they have to hand write the script and it might take a day or 2 for your pharmacy to get their paws onto one.


  • They're in the BNF now - just double-checked, and I'm pretty sure they're on our formulary at the surgery too. I'll have a look tomorrow to see, more out of curiosity than anything!!

  • Fairly snuff Cath, found them on the BNF online too. I think it must be a recent addition cos i know the GP looked when I got mine a month or 2 ago.


  • Hi

    I am thinking of monitoring my peak flow with a view to reducing my salmeterol, as I have been so much better since I started using steroid nasal spray and eye drops. Can anyone tell me if there are preferred times of day to monitor the peak flow.



  • As far as i know, it's genrally, morning lunch and evening time. Not sure if these are supposed to at specified time intervals.

  • First thing in the morning, just after waking, and before evening meds.

    And any time you have symptoms in between times.


  • Thank you - very helpful.


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