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Am still struggling at the mo chest wise but am finding that if I do anything am getting very very tired. Usually I just use 2 puffs of ventolin and sleep for an hr but today I used 4 puffs and found that 15 min later I could carry on. has anyone else found that or can anyone medicalised explain the reasons behing this to me. May well mean the diff between carrying on at work and going off sick or reduced hrs again.

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I am tired all the time aswell. I am tired when my chest is bad but also when it is god aswell. I am OK at the moment and have stayed out of hospital for a while. However, I am still tired. I think it is a combination of the condition and the side effects of the treatments and also the lack of fitness I have fallen in to by not being active for so long. I am trying to lose weight and do exercise now but obviously, you cannot do this very easily when you are wheezy. You just need to listen to your body and take it easy. I used to be quite ill as a student but would ignore my body when it was tired. As a result I ended up in hospital every couple of weeks and put myself at risk.


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