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Stuart the day than changed my life - BBC 3

If you did not catch this then can I recommend you download and watch it via iplayer. Not only is it a wonderful story but there is one bit where he talks about carers etc washing him and he said something to the effect off I can't do that myself now so I just have to accept it and not let it bother me. Whilst I am all for the keep trying/use it or lose it attitude there are things I have had to accept in my life since the now finally diagnosed ishecmic CVA's (we also know how and why and I am on things to prevent more coming along) accepting has taken almost a year of upset, denial and fighting if only I had had a better attitude and accepted the changes that in April I was told were not going away or to get any better I could have spent energy on the things I can alter and make better by working hard with OT's physio's etc. Sometimes you just have to accept things and look for the things that you don't need to accept and work on those, I am much happier person as a result because I am no longer beating myself up because no progress is being made in areas that are not going to get much better and but making real progress in the bits I can effect.


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Sorry to hear your diagnosis, not a pleasant experience, but one thing that makes us human, and why we survive is our instinct to ignore the obvious and keep pushing forwards trying to do the things we so desperately don't want to let go off.

I never saw the program, but will watch it. I think a few of us have either been in a similar situation or been around someone like that, and know how hard it is for some to finally admit that they do require help in doing the most basic of daily tasks. Admitting it is actually the breakthrough that has the biggest impact on ones life, not just the one who admits it, but those around them. Let others help and do the tasks you can't, and you can devote what energies you have to improving the things you can control, and this leads to a calmer, relaxed, and ultimately a happier situation all round.



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