I thought our other little trooper deserves her own thread at the mo.


TKS has had some bad news today and needs all our love, hugs, prayers and support, since shes give this to so many of us on here.

Shes in costa RBH for a battery of test, cons has been today and said at the mo he doesnt think its asthma he feels its a steep decline in her underlying lung disease( bronchiolitis) , and asked if shed consider a transplant? as you can all well imagine our little friend is shocked and undoubedly upset. She has more tests to come and will get all results together on tuesday and is seeing the transplant team sometime next week. She cant acesss auk to reply but can get on to read posts, so all leave your messages her for her to read and i will keep you updated with her replies.

Love Andrea xxx

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  • just a quick note to say get well soon TKS and my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time,its the least I can do for all the help and support you have given me.

    hugs lots of them


  • TKS,

    Sending you lots of love, hugs and strength.

    Please stay strong too!

    Lots of love & more huggles



  • TKS, Sending you lots of love and hugs . You are in our thoughts and prayers. Nikki , Chloe & Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • TKS - Sending you loads of huggles and love. Keep your chin up hun.


  • big hugs TKS. I hope all the tests go ok, and that if this is the next step they advise that it works well for you. Big thought I'm sure, but could make a huge difference for you.

    Lots of love prayers and hugs


  • Sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes.

    love Hops

  • Hi

    Sending lots and lots of hugs (((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))

    I will text you as soon as i get credit

    Keep smiling

    Emma x

  • TKS u have always been here for all of us! we are thinking of u and ur family!! take care Hun!

  • Hi TKS

    You probably don 't know me as I'm a recent poster, but would just like to send you a big hug. I will remember you in my prayers.


  • sending lots of love to you and your family,

    thinking about you,

    big hugs


    mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Tks - keep thinking positive, as Owl says this is a big step but if it makes the difference it's worth it - try to see it as an opportunity rather than a backwards step. Hope things start to improve for you and that the tests aren't too traumatic.


    Cathy & Steve.

  • Huge hugs being sent your way


    steph xxx

  • Hope you get better soon and Take care!



  • Just had a long chat with TKS, just to clarify she is being assesed by the transplant team, nothing is certain and it is one of many avenues that are being explored. She has seen this thread and says thank you for all the good wishes. She seemed pretty wheezy but perky now she has had a chance to take it in and had a chat with her specialist nurse.


    ps its bronchiolitis not bronchiectasis

  • TKS

    Sending you lots of hugs and thoughts your way

    X X X

  • Bex, thanks for clarifying , have changed as can see, thanks for adding on aswell am not too good at getting points across. Been in touch just, things not too good, TKS going downhill since spoke with Bex, hopefully just one of her blips that she manages to pull herself out off. will let you know when i hear.

    Love Andrea xxx

    PS replies show just how much your thought off hunny xxxx

  • TKS- you are so strong. You have offered me words of support and encouragement in the past and I somtimes don't know how you do it. Whatever happens, I know you will face it head on. Keep smiling, I am thinking of you and sending thoughts, prayers, and hugs

    Love Brynne

  • dear tks,

    you must be so scard right now but just keep takng things a day at a time and deal with thngs as they happen. i dnot need to say keep fightng because iknow you will - you aretoo stubborn not to like me!

    if yuo are assesed suitable for transplant then in someways yuo;re vrey lucky bcause you will have a chance at a propr life - you will be back toriding your horses in no time. whatevr happens thuogh just know i am thnking of you - you are inspiration tks, whenver ifeel really down i think of you and know if you can cope so can i. i am sendng huge warm hugs toyou from across the seas.




  • Lots of love and hugs to you Tks.

    You are a fighter and an inspiration to everyone, especially your own age group, let alone us older ones!

    I hope you, your family and the respiratory team looking after you manage to come up with some answers very soon.

    Thinking of you.



  • TKS, thinking of you - you are such a brave and inspirational person.


  • Thinking of you lots hun and hoping that you and Docs can make good decisions. Keep fighting


  • To TKS

    Thoughts, prayers and positive vibes going out to you and your family.

    Jacqui Mac and Family

  • sendin you lots of hugs and kisses and keep smilin , it hard amd scary bur i am thinkin of u!!

    love katie xxx

  • Just had a chat with TKS, probably caused laughter induced splattage with tales of my exploits with a shower and hairwash this morning (see camping a mo), she seemed fairly perky although musically wheezy but she is always musically wheezing bless her. I have clinic on wednesday so will be popping up to see her and be able to give a proper report on the potty trooper then :)


  • (((((( HUGS TKS ))))))

  • TROOPER TKS Lots of love prayers and hugs x

  • Love, hugs and our prayers TKS. xxx

    Thanks for letting us know Andrea

  • TKS-

    I'm thinking of you. I hope the tests go well.

    Keep smiling and take care



  • am thinking of you

    Bronnie xxx

  • My thoughts are with you TKS.



  • You are in my thoughts and prayers and im sure the hard decisions u have to make over the next week will bring you back to good health and to us her on AUK luvTas

  • Pressie in the post yest babe, know you will like it, dont eat all at once or you will be sick!!!

    miss you

    speak tues

    love ya lots

    big sis xxxxxxx

  • Hey Tks, just seen this thread, big hugs and lots of loves, always remember - you are Tks - the best! and a very strong person, an inspiration to all of us, we are all rooting for you. You will get through whatever this admission brings because you are Tks, the best! Take really good care bud and don't forget we are all behind you, sending you big hugs, positive vibes and much and many loves, love Lois xxxxxxx

  • Keep strong during all these tests, You are in the best place and im praying that whatever decisions are made you finally get to have the good health and quality of life you deserve : -)


    J x

  • Hi TKs

    Thinking about you hope the tests go ok

  • just another quick jnote to say you are in my private prayers hope things go well this week and you finally find some answers.


  • (((hugssssssssssssssss)))) tks .. thinking of u..hope all goes well with tests.....


  • Hello TKS, I am a newbie on here so have not had the chance to get to know you but would like to send you my best wishes. I am sure knowing people are thinking about you will be a great comfort. Heres hoping that what ever comes will make your life a whole lot easier.

    Sandy X

  • TKS,

    Just wanted to echo everyone here saying thinking of you loads and sending lots of hugs. Hope all goes well and you're happy and at peace with whatever the outcome of the tests is. Keep up the good fight



  • Big ((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))) TKS

    Hope you can be reasurred that the best will be done, what ever that maybe and you are back keeping us all in line, just to let you know you mean so much to all of us, special thoughts.


  • just wanted to add my good wishes...

    and to say ... anybody who can do battle with their laptop in such a determined fashion will, I am certain, rise to a challenge even as big as this ....

    keep on fighting!


  • hey TKS, you are certainly keeping folks amused! Hope you are doing ok and the memory card and puter all recover. love hugs and prayers,.


  • Just had a chat with TKS, yesterday she was a bit down, you know what she is like always ready to help others but I got the feeling she had the weight of the world on her shoulders and feeling it last night. However, today is another day as they say, she said that her discussion with the drs today was positive. IgEs through the roof, and it looks like there is potential for reversabilty so asthma well back in the frame. she is going to play with a PIKO for as month and then go back for review at the RBH. Other things have not been ruled out but showing reversabilty means there is room for attempting to improve things through new meds etc. Oh and she going to become house dust aware! I will let her fill you in on the detials when she is back at home later this week. It was good to hear her sounding so positive again, she deserves it.


  • My thoughts and prayers are with you

  • Fat horses and jammed data cards! Sending more good wishes and hugs and thanks for keeping us ammused! Please keep happy! Laughter is good medication in tamed amounts!

    Love & Huggs!



    PS If I get to the Falklands I will send you a fluffy penguin XXXX

  • hoping that you are feeling a bit better and will soon be back up causeing more fits of laughter for the rest of us. sending loads hugs your way. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • you can count on my prayers

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all your posts. When I saw how many there was I had tears in my eyes. Thankyou for caring. I'm using bex's laptop still in brompton but I'm going home tomorrow. Its been the usual RBH admission of ups and downs. But we have a plan now and I'm feeling a bit more confident than I did. If anyone is interested I will go into what happened when I get home.

    huge hugs

    Tks xxx

  • I can spent a lovely afternoon with TKS had lots of healthy comfort food - TKS you had better eat those remaining stawberries - lots of laughs (sitting with her needs a health warning) she is now HDM aware and has excellent piko techinique! We put the world to rights well almost right and decided we needed to live in outer space and will also soon be patenting the nasal nebuliser :)

    TKS, as always an absolute pleasure to spend time with you I only wish you lived closer :(


  • WELCOME HOME!!! :-)

    glad ur home and hope ur enjoyin it!!

    hugs and kisses

    katie xxx

  • hope u got home safely! look forward to hearing all the news soon. huggles Rusty

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