Steroid Munchies

Ok thought I would start a thread on steroid munchies !!

Whatever steroid tabs etc you take whats the worst, strangest, mad thing you crave for on steroids munchies ??

Just I've noticed on betamethasone tabs I just have to satisfy a craving regardless of time or what it is !!

But on Pred I could ignore it and it would pass sometimes but now its just ""Ya gotta have it and ya gotta have it now typs thing""!

Go on share some of your mad munchies !!


Aka the mad munchie monster :)

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  • Now craving sour flavoured ice pops lol

  • I've now discovered Cadburys Jaffa cakes !!!

  • Marmite and salt n vinegar square crisps sandwich! Delish! You should try it!


  • If I had either in the house I probably would lol

    Ok ok I am insane right now lol

    Cherry lips anyone LOL

  • OK- so these aren't steroid munchies as I generally have the opposite, but....

    ...I am supposed to be a one mouthed eating monster at present due to total lack of weight ;-)

    Currently, favourite high calorie snack is Cottage Cheese with double cream and salad cream mixed in it, plus lots of pepper. Works best with those ridge cut potato crisps dunked in. Have been doing a pot an afternoon on top of everything else, but still no lbs! aaargh!

    Also, anybody here tried Clinutren Desserts, they are addictive too!

  • Olives!

    And now the juices are really flowing, you've got me started on the subject of Olives...have to have the oil ones not the brine ones now though of course!

    I am an Olive there such a thing, I hear you say!

    Queen Olives, Kalammata Olives, Chili Olives and Olives with Feta Cheese, Olives stuffed with Anchovies, and the best of all those big jars of Kosher Olives-juicier and tastier than any others!

    Pity I have to wait until lunchtime, Olives with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

    Sorry, Wheezer, your thread has been hijacked by the non steroidal mad Olive munching woman!

  • lol Sus lol

    Hijack all ya like lol

    Olives aren't they dead salty ?

    Only really had them once on a pizza !

    I tell ya someat I cant wake up everyday without eating right now is Cathedral City Cheese on toast YUMMMMMYYYYYYYY lol

    I can demolish 4 or 5 rounds if I let myself but limit myself to 3 at present LOL

    Opppps sitting here dropping Garabaldi crumbs in keyboarda now lol

    Arghhhhh must go rescue crumbs to eat LOL

    Mornin Sus ;)

  • Anything savory!!!

    Current trend seems to be for Scampi Fries, square crisps and peanuts!!!

  • Oh oh here I go again !!

    I am having serious problems NOT to go make some fish finger sarnies !!

    I've gone through abput 4x large boxes (16 in a box) in under a week and I still aint had enough !!

    Actually find savoury things do settle cravings better than sweeter things which is weird I think but hey thats life !!

  • Garibaldi biscuits- we used to call them 'squashed flies'!

    Definitely agree with the savoury bit-once demolished 13 packets of crisps in a day-think my legs are truly hollow!

    Wheezer, you could make something more substantial than FF about a FF Pie?

    .... put the FFs in a dish add a parsley sauce or something you like, cheese sauce maybe, made with grated Cathedral City ;-) top with Creamy mashed potato, the real variety! and bake then eat with a squirt of the red stuff on the side and some healthy steamed veggies or salad...the alternantive Sunday lunch!

    Just a thought!

    Sus xx

  • Hmmmmmm oh no Sus we got Lamb for dinner lol

    Sitting cooked and chilled in fridge lol

    I ate all the lamb juices yesterday after cooking it with bread yummy LOL

    Might go taste test the lamb (only a slice) lol

    But stupid fish fingers are gonna win AGAIN LOL

    Nice recipe thats Sus will have to print it off sounds like my typa thing (thorugh it in as we were brought up) LOL

  • Wheezer you have got me into FF!!!!! Yum yum!!!

    GOT to have them.


  • Oh no ya not having FF get ya own LOL lol LOL

    Oh no now I want em for me brekkie :o

  • Hmmmm new one on me now lol

    Rice cakes plastered in ICBINB (i cant believe its not butter) lol

  • Feta cheese olives and apples are my current craving and have none house so have just sent DH to tesco!!

  • while on pred last week, instead of cravings to eat random stuff, i had cravings not to eat anything at all, i was having my fave meals cooked but i just couldnt eat them *confused* wanted to drink milk a lot though

  • Hmmmm I got cravings to try Olives but didnt know which to buy as our co-op have got loads different jars of em lol

    Also have a mad urge to try CousCous of all things too lol

    Wendy it sounds like me when I was on Pred sometimes I just drank pints of milk to line stomach as Pred really rotted mine till I got tummy pills lol

    But some of us DIDNT eat alot on Pred but now I changed to Betamethasone tabs long-term I cant stop eating LOL

  • I have had cravings for


    Black Pudding


    PS Couscous is very yummy with a stew!

  • Some shoot me now lol

    Am so hungry even with bad throat ave got a new Chicago-town Pizza2go 5x cheese pizza in oven for me and mum lol

    Someat about cheese of any sort right now and me like GIVE me CHEESE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now I am being totally NAUGHTY lol

    I ignoring a ""may contain"" warning lol

    I'm now pigging out straight from the tub of Cadburys Flake ice-cream lol

  • thanks for that wheezer, wonder if the pred is now the reason that i have a dodgy tummy atm? or maybe its a random bug going round *wonders*

  • It seems the munchie monster has run off on me !!

    Went sleep on settee feelin hungry and woke up feeling sick !!

  • Oopppps they back now I had extra anti-sickie pills lol

    Spaghetti and Dolmio Stir-in Carbonara BIG PAN going spare lol

  • This one is weird lol

    RAW sugar snap peas LOL

  • I love raw sugar snap peas too Wheezer. In fact by the time they get to the steamer or wok there aren't many left!

    Hmmm, well my craving ATM is for those mushrooms - sh..ake - that the censor won't let me spell, and a rare steak with a raw egg. Think I need some iron !


  • Mia lol

    RAW EGG !!!

    Oh no me no do raw eggs lol

    Soft boiled eggs YES LOL

    Scoffed two today lol

  • Raw Eggs Rock...

    Yay, Mia-fellow raw egg lover!

    My Breakfast smoothie recipe =

    2 Ensure Pluses, any flavour!

    80mls Calogen


    Raw Egg

    2 Tbsp Ready Brek

    Whizzed up in blender-makes the best milkshake out-you could substitute that M&S Banana or Vanilla milk for my ensures! Or add some cocoa powder, coconut milk, palm sugar. Etc!

    Very very Calorie laden-tried to work it out, about 1200 or more!

    PS Love my steak Philly-that's black n blue to you!, but really even I don't think I could do a Steak Tartar, not a fan of sushi either!

    Currently am very very into Jerky as my Folks just brought me home packs huge packets of the stuff!

  • FF sarnies for supper anyone LOL

  • 1200 calorie smoothies, blue steak and raw egg

    Hi Sus,

    Thanks for your 1200 calorie recipe. I’m going to give it a try but without the ensure and calogen! Will substitute G. and B's chocolate ice cream and coconut milk though!

    Not had jerky for ages. Might try some another day.

    Well I've now satisfied my pred iron cravings. Last night cooked a blue steak, -one minute either side, fried loads of THOSE mushrooms in lots of butter and then almost chickened out (sorry just couldn’t resist!) on the raw egg, but included one too. Delicious! Ate lots of fresh strawberries afterwards. Got a craving for those ATM too.

    Wheezer, I’m going to have a sensible, comforting FF sarnie later on.



  • Mia lol

    I guess FF sarnies are a comfort food to me lol

    Grew up on em lol

    Have to have plenty of tartare sauce on em now though and bread HAS to be buttered lol

    But least for once I am NOT craving any food at all today lol

    Just drinking gallons of Tetley extra strong tea lol

    Even had to find a teapot instead of making it a mug at a time lol

  • Mini creme eggs anyone ??

  • Brunchettas

    I am obsessed with these little cheese snack boxes where you get a little portion of cheese, some crispbreads and some chutney! I just made my husband drive to 24 hour Tescos to get me one.

    I know on some level that they are probably gimmicky and a rip-off but something about them appeals, I just can't get enough!

    Emily H

    PS The new soft cheese and cranberry ones are yummy!

  • Steroid Munchies

    I am addicted 2 smoothies from the new froot bar in my town. I also go thru phases of hard boiled eggs or Brussels pate on french stick!!!!!!!!! Yummy

  • I wish to eat everything at all times.

    I have nothing else to say on the matter.

    x x x

  • Fluffy lol

    I like your reply lol

  • Still eating - just in case anyone might be interested.

    SOMEONE STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fluffy lol

    Thanks to DLA backpay I got Wheezer save munchies, sweets, treats and FOOD overflowing lol

    Now WHAT do I want to eat now lol

    Couldnt get any sugar snap peas today so got two little trays of Mangetout instead to munch on lol

  • lol After eating a chicken dinner with mangetout, summer veg, jersey royal potatoes and stuffing gravy lol I am sat here plaiting then eating apple flavour laces sweets lol

  • Mine have gone!

    Dunno where and I don't seem to be losing weight but over the last 10 days I have been living on 2 bananas during the day a proper evening meal and a glass of milk and yet another banana at bedtime. The only thing I might have inbetween is a smoothie.

    Now I am waiting to get back into my size 12 clothes I note that so far I seem to lost diddly squat :(


  • I seem to be losing my crazy munchie madness now !!

    Had chicken dinner and some apple sweet laces thats all today !!

    Woulda had 4 or 5 times that before this stupid cold/infection/whatever else I have right now too !!

    The only weight I have lost recently is the excess water I was keeping on with Pred but cause betamethasone acts different it means I dont keep the water on anymore !!

  • As couldnt buy any sugar snap peas the other day I am sat here munching RAW Mangetout instead lol

  • i been craving liquorice -proper stuff not allsorts ,i adore it. Mind you i also need it medicinally to counteract the side effects of the large doses of codeine im on!! Just hope i dont overdose n it as cant get to loo thzt quick!!!

  • Still the sh....e mushrooms AND G and B's Maya Gold.

    Liquorice is good for asthma Hopalong. I have some of that in this Chinese 'tea' I was prescribed when in China last month.Can smell the liquorice thank goodness, cos I think it masks some other very strange smelling ingredients!

    Going to insult the fridge now

  • Just discovered Couscous lol

    Quick simple and tasty lol

    Just did it with mexican oxo herb cube, water, Spanish extra virgin olive oil, lightly fried onion lol

    And gobbled the whole large platefull alone lol

  • Again wanted to buy Olives when I shopped Tuesday but got no clue which too much choice for me lol

  • Big fat green ones are tasty!

    I also like the ones stuffed with anchovies!



  • Kate lol

    I love Anchioves lol

    And was umming over a jar of stuffed with anchioves Green olives lol

    Darn do I wish I bought em now lol

    Still will get em Tuesday lol

  • Oooh me too Kate and Wheezer , especially the anchovies. They are so salty. Which is just what I’m craving right now. The salt I mean. Love the real green - not black- olives!

    I would settle for Kettle crisps. Got such a craving for them! Just plain, but NOT ‘undressed’ - not enough salt!

    Hmmmmm I feel a bribe coming on with youngest sprog! He can drive my car to the nearest Tesco!

  • Why do the steroid munchies come at the most ungodly hours and when you not been shopping, salad and fruit just dont satisfy me at 4am like a crisp buttie does,


    Andrea xxxx

  • Seriously addicted to Olives!

    If you can be, well I am!

    Well, I am at the very least a self proclaimed Olive Oracle!

    They are the one thing I try so hard each year to give up for Lent. Now that is the meaning of real pain and torture!

    At the moment I am having to eat Olives in oive oil not Brine (calories!), but definitely prefer the salty brine ones.

    If you are an olive novice, start with something milder like Queen OLives. Big, crunchy and not too strong.

    Whether you buy pitted or unpitted is a matter of nothingness, I find pitted better as I like the hassle of crunching them off of the pits, slows me down too, especially with the highly scoffable Queen olives. Unpitted don't hang around for long and just get scoffed in a jiffy.

    The Kosher Queen olives are divine. Something about that Israeli sunshine and the prayer they are bottled with, no doubt.

    There is a make that do little variety tins of olives stuffed with anchovy, salmon, lemon and I think also almonds. Can't remember the make. Greek maybe?

    I adore Kalamta olives-the red ones in brine. Squishy, juicy and such an acquired flavour. Unpitted are the best of those.

    M&S have got a whole new olive range out. Their baby kalamatas are unreal, wow! and those juicy fat Queen olives stuffed with feta. If you have a salt thing (bad for the water retention on pred, Guys) they are the business! So Mia and Wheezer, get yourselves down to your local M&S food store for a big feta fix!

    If you like a suidgy snack pack of olives, you can buy zip lock single serving bags of them in most supermarkets. I like the herby ones.

    The only olives I don't like are the Gaeta ones. They do a mixed marinated jar and they are very bitter and you tend to get bad ones in there. Anything mixed of the olive type tends to mean 'bottom of the barrel', so dregs of the olive world shoved in a jar together with a bit of red wine vinegar.

    If you like ordinary vinegar type things, then the little everyday Spanish Manzanilla ones stuffed with red pimento are pretty tasty and satisfying.

    There-I seem to have exhausted all possible kinds and flavours.

    ENJOY! And cyber send me some please.

    Sus, your mad Queen olive girl! xx

  • Now I am off of the subject of Olives (Zzzzz) my current 'fix' for munchies is definitely dips, taramasalata and hoummus, with Tesco's Free From Bread Sticks. I am so glad I have discovered those.

    Have to say I rather like plain butter and dip them in that too, and Cottage Cheese mixed with Double Cream.


  • Well that must have covered every olive available! Very impressed by your knowledge Sus hope Wheezer can remember it next time out.

    I am enjoying Uncle Bens flavoured rice they microwave in 2 mins and are tasty and filling and not too many calories but most important quick!

    What is it about salty things though thats part of the craving crisps and peanuts are just sooooo scrummy!


  • Well that must have covered every olive available! Very impressed by your knowledge Sus hope Wheezer can remember it next time out.

    I am enjoying Uncle Bens flavoured rice they microwave in 2 mins and are tasty and filling and not too many calories but most important quick!

    What is it about salty things though thats part of the craving crisps and peanuts are just sooooo scrummy!


  • I'm on my second day of Pred (3 more days to go)... and I must say that Dorittos and Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt crisps (the really big packets) seem to be all I have had for dinner for the last 2 days... haha

  • Carb crazy!

    I'm in a very dangerous Munchies stage... for the last few days I've been feeling well enough to actually go to the supermarket myself, but I'm still on 30mg of pred...

    At least before when my husband was doing the shopping, that provided some natural limit on the amount I could eat!

    Went to the shops yesterday and bought, among other things:

    6 pack of cheese wotsits

    foccacia bread with tomato and rosemary

    belgian waffles

    2 jam doughnuts

    2 mini apple tartlets

    2 mini cheesecakes

    red pepper and goats cheese pizza

    smoked salmon moose

    I'm not going to reveal how much of it is left, or how much my husband has ended up eating! (it's not *all* gone... I'm not quite that bad!)

    I WILL start dieting properly soon!

    Emily H (who is drowning in her own body fat!)

  • I'm kinda hooked on these cheap ""Bobby's"" Barbecue Snax crisp typa snack and at 20p a bag on offer at papershop I am eating FAR too many lol

  • Mmmmm EmilyH your shopping list sounds perfect! Haha.

  • Some one stop me I am EATING anything I can lay my hands on !!!

  • Helllooo!

    Wheezer - sending Gaffer tape to stop you eating! Also padlock for the fridge freezer!

    Emily H - Yummmm Goatcheese pizza! Was it S'burys?

    Munchies - just scoffed one Swedish glace magnum lolly and a solero (naughty as has moo juice in!)

    Had munchies last night and hit the prunes .... forgot that I had rhubarb for tea!


    Happy munching!



  • Helllooo!

    Wheezer - sending Gaffer tape to stop you eating! Also padlock for the fridge freezer!

    Emily H - Yummmm Goatcheese pizza! Was it S'burys?

    Munchies - just scoffed one Swedish glace magnum lolly and a solero (naughty as has moo juice in!)

    Had munchies last night and hit the prunes .... forgot that I had rhubarb for tea!


    Sus, you would have loved the cream that we had on one of the Falkland Isles - it was a trifle bowl full , so thick that it was virtually clotted! Very yummy & very naughty - had come strait from the cow that morning!

    Happy munching!



  • Well i'm def with red den. Uncle bens rice is to DIE for especially the lemon and rosemary one with LOADS of added LEMON!! I could eat it by the bucket load!!

    And not forgetting Haribo Kiddies Mix coz i LOVE the little people!!


  • Gaffer tape wunna stop me eating lol

  • Wheezer, it will if I come and put it on!


    I am qualified in gaffer tape appliction

  • Bex i could do with some too!

    Im on the dairy milk bubbly!

  • Munch Munch Munch!!

    Just cooked 18 little chocolate muffins that are

    egg, milk, wheat and nut free!! Wooo hooo the recipe

    worked ..... now there are only 16 little muffins!


  • Bex lol

    Ya seen my efforts with tape !!!

    And even that cant keep my g*b taped up enough lol

    Then again not eaten alot today at all lol

    Just Roast lamb dinner and sticky toffee pudding and custard !!!

    Got be brewing someat if I aint eating !!!

  • Kate- with no egg, milk, wheat and nut in them, are your chocolate muffins just basically melted choccie in little teeny weeny muffin cases????

    I'm only wheat free. How do you cope without all the rest of the ingredients?

  • All I can say is....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm food. Don't u just love it! Kate, I'm like sus just wheat-free...send some of those muffins this way!

  • All I can say is....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm food. Don't u just love it! Kate, I'm like sus just wheat-free...send some of those muffins this way!

  • ...but I can't eat chocolate!

  • Muffins!

    Will hoik out the recipe from the depths of the archives - see recent postings!

    Sus - you could substitute cocoa powder for carob?? Or lemmon zest even but leave out the coffee!

    Anyway, I used Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain white flour.

    Happy munching


    PS I wonder if they taste nice with custard (soya) on???

  • I've got a jar of Palmento (sp?) stuffed olives coming in food shop later one !!!!

  • Hurry Up Shopping !!!

    Yep I am craving stuffed olives I got coming at 2pm with food delivery !!

    Dunna want food just OLIVES !!

  • Oooppss lol

    Food delivery late only just finished unpacking it lol

    The Olives are Pimento stuffed olives in brine lol

    (Couldnt remember earlier properly lol)

    Daren't open the jar though may just eat the lot lol


    Eat them......NOW!!!!!


  • Opppps just eaten a THIRD of a jar Sus lol

    Thank g*d for long cocktail sticks though lol

    Couldnt get a fork in the jar lol

    They so savory they MAKING me want to eat FOOD lol

    Have had Dairylea Baguette first though but someone hide the JAR before I eat the hole thing lol

    Whoever got me craving OLIVES thanx thanx thanx THANX !!!!

  • Mmmmm!

    Me Love Wollives!

    Just accidentally bought another jar of anchovie stuffed wollives!


    Will be nice in salad for tea with some of my whopper home grown Raddishes!

    They are big enough to scare Peter Rabbit! LOL!

  • Must be catching I was stuffing olives all over the weekend :)


  • Sus what have you started hun lol Olive madness lol

    I was naffed off when I couldnt find an anchiove stuffed ones BUT next time i may just get pitted ones and get a jar of anchioves too lol

    But hey these pimento paste stuffed ones are so flavour-full and are sparking my appetite a bit lol

    Got a reduced price Pork joint in oven too as needed cooking today lol

    Be loverly cold on sarnies etc etc lol

  • The little tins of Anchovy stuffed ones are made by Fragata. They are in most supermarkets. Bright yellow tins. Can also get them stuffed with lemon, salmon, pepper, but Anchovy (it's only paste) ones are the best

  • They only got the Co-op make and a spicey marinated little tub one at our Co-op :(

    And Morrisons is out the other side of town and WAY to far :(

    But can get a jar of anchioves which I luv any way and pitted olives ready for home stuffing lol

    Can ya tell I addicted yet and I only just discovered em lol

    It does seem to helping my appetite a little lol

    Have manage a sarnies, melon, olives, a slice of pork after i cooked it and now sultana bran lol

    Tuesdays always weird with been shop day but today I dont know its just weirder than normal lol

    Im slightly stressed tonight causa having to go get the 2nd lotta oney out cashpoint tomorrow to pay end of month bills (2 payday weeks stressfull) and I seem to have gone CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY on Olives and melon !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if I should get some more pitted ones and anchioves tomorrow or be good and stick with what i have lol

  • Erm....may I suggest....

    .....Wheezer, lay off the olives!

    Dunno if the clean air act can take any more of it......

    If you want me to suggest something else salty, try bread sticks-I have the Free From variety from Tesco-make some home made dips-Avocado blended with cottage cheese is yummy, you could even whizz an anchovy or two into it!

  • Seems to me almost everyone craves salt on pred - wierd. I've just had brekie and already really need some feta cheese and olives and salt and vinegar crisps and empire apples NOW and haven't got any food in so will be forced to ring mum to take me to tesco!

    Has anyone tried following a GI diet before i go and look for some info? The GP mentioned it this week as it can apparently help control blood sugar and help with cravings but not as much fun as loads of olives!

  • I'm still eating the Olives lol

    They just so yummy lol

    Hmm clean air act is safe lol

    That little side-effect seems to be wearing off lol

    Anyone for a Jaffa cake ???

  • Wheezer...Hmm jaffa cakes but I'm pretty sure they'll ave wheat in....back to my rice cakes LOL.

  • Hmmmm Olives again as cant find ought I wanna eat for dinner yet!

  • Least I am eating someat now but I am sick of seeing Chicago Town Lasagne and Cajun curly fries !!

    Least mum cant HALF cook these !!

  • Least I am eating someat now but I am sick of seeing Chicago Town Lasagne and Cajun curly fries !!

    Least mum cant HALF cook these !!

  • Brain hurts !!

    Been sat here trying to think of munchies to get in tomorrow !!

    Gotta also get food in for our house guest who arrives Friday and stays till Monday !!

    He will eat most things but still wracking brain !!

    I just can't seem to get any ideas as to what to but tomorrow !!

    I need treats/munchies to keep me going till he arrives and food ideas PLEASE !!

    Still eating Olives from last week JAR was bit bigger than I thought !!

    I always have probs with shopping when I dunna feel very happy !!

  • Wheezer, sounds like you want things that are quick, easy but tasty for your guest! Also it's too hot at the moment for lots of heavy hot food, so...

    How about different salads, easy to prepare and tasty! Tomato and mozzarella, green salad, potato salad, asparagus with lemon juice and olive oil on it...

    Or what about a selection of antipasti - parma ham, salami, marinated peppers and artichokes (Sainsburys do tasty ones), OLIVES of course! all together with some bread with some nice olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in...

    I'm making myself hungry now! - might have to head downstairs to the kitchen!

    Yum yum yum

  • golden flax oil and Fish Oil Concentrate

    hi I know this is an old mailing - but I was advised to try a teaspoon of 100% Golden Flax Seed Oil and one Fish Oil Concentrate Tablet - not the debry from their liver ie cod liver but Fish Oil concentrate - this helped me get rid of that craving feeling when not on steriods and helped when on Steriods as last time I only put on a 2lbs rather than half a stone. But if you are allergic to fish a no go sos.

  • Hmmmm steroid munchie phase seems to be dying off the longer I take the betamethasone !

    Weird hey !

    But then again since getting steamer we having at least ONE healthy meal a day which has gotta have helped as I used to have so much hassle to stand and cook !#Now it does it for me !

    Olives - Ohhh Ohhh - I stilll addicted to them !

    (Just don't stand behind me !)

  • Mmmm interesting thing about the fish oil - I take that to de-squeek the joints!

    Plus got some flax seed oil to try - want to keep up the Omegas etc.

    Oh, and got a kipper for tea too! Nice olily fish (herring) !

    Got pred munchies too - just gobbled some soya icecream!

    Back on 40mg at mo - not happy but at least breathing!



  • Think the steroid munchies have been obliterated by the methotrexate non-munchies over here. I am hungry but I can't eat!

    Oh, well, I dare say it'll do me good, after all I am not exactly wasting away. The blood sugars are appreciating the new dietary regimen as well!

    Everyone else with the munchies, please munch away for me!

    Em H

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