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Good news - the kitty is safe!

Hi all,

just had to share the good news. I posted a month or so ago when the doc at the resp. clinic was muttering about cat allergy and how the moggy would have to go...

Been back to clinic, seen another doc. and according to him my cat allergy is only 'moderate' and not enough for me to need to give moggy the boot.

I had no intention of getting rid of the cat anyway, but am soooo relieved I dont have to argue with them about it!

Of course, means I am left with less idea about what is clogging up the lungs, but never mind.........

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Very pleased to hear my kitties always suspects when I meet new docs - we have 5 and I love them all would be devastated to get rid of them too.




its good to know that good ole puss will stay safely with you. maybe it could be other irritants around your house causing you problems?


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