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Thank you to snowy

i thought it would be a good idea in light of the current situation with snowy to say thank you to her as everyone on here knows her. Well are all praying she will keep fighting on and be back with us soon but i think it would be nice for alex, lewis and snowy when she gets back to see how much she has done for everyone on this site.

So to start. I just want to say thank snowy for giving me advise when i have been unsure about what is going on with my asthma, Thank you snowy for everything

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from one snowy to another, my dearest.

thank you sooo much for all the advice and support you have given me, especially during my time in ITU and HDU recently, and since, you kept me going when i had no strnength or will to carry on.

we are fighters remember ;)

(even though you are and ARSEnal fan, but i forgive you!)

come back soon so the advice you give to myself and others can continue and i can carry on advising you to, and supporting you when needed and keep harrassing you bout you liking ARSEnal :P

x x x


Thank you snowy for helping us all with your posts of advise. Your family ones always make me laugh. You get stronger ok hon.



One good thing about having asthma if we can say a good thing,is that we all have lovely friends on Auk.Your a lovely person as a on line friend and never met you but your lovely and glad to have met you and your love and support on the forum is endless and hope you are soon back as all miss you and love you xxx


Your sense of humour Snowy - for making me laugh on days when all I could see was the dark.


I hope its ok for me to add to this?

Thankyou for being my gorgeous and wonderful wife

Thankyou for being a fantastic Mum to our fab son

Thankyou for being you

Thankyou for everything you do, and the emormous amount of time you give to charity

Thankyou on behalf of our cats, who you rescused from being put down and would never give up on, to being 2 adorable monsters some 13 years on!

Thankyou for loving me..


Thankyou for finding this place, as if you didnt I wouldnt of had so much support in dealing with this now



Thank you Snowy for all your advice and humour, you have been a great support to many people on here when we have needed it.


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