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Any forum members also affected by anaphylaxis: NICE

Just for information in case anybody interested:

NICE is looking for lay members to participate in a guideline development group for the assessment of anaphylaxis after emergency treatment. Closing date is 29 September. I imagine any meetings would be London based, which might be difficult if you live far away. More information at

""...We would welcome an application from you if you have:

experience or knowledge of anaphylaxis for example, as someone who:

- has experience of having anaphylaxis themselves or

- who is the relative, carer or partner of someone who has anaphylaxis or

- who is a policy officer from a relevant patient organisation

an understanding of, and a willingness to reflect, the experiences and needs of a wide network of relevant people (perhaps as a member of a support group or organisation)

time to commit to the work of the group: attending meetings, background reading, commenting on draft products etc.

good communication and team working skills

Health professionals will be well represented on the group so we are looking for someone without a health professional background.



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