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The Gym

Starting back the gym tomorrow.Not been since asthma got worse so been a few years.↲

I keep putting it off but going tomorrow. Asthma not to good ,tight heavy chest and full of mucus but will take it easy and no more than half hour to start with and use reliever↲

A little scared to be honest if go splat there anytime and need the green men but put off going for ages. Time to try get my life back on track and build up slowly .

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Hope it goes ok. getting your confidence back is half the battle. Take is very slowly and give yourself a pat on the back for trying.


Good for you Glynis! Have you been able to speak to anyone (personal trainer or such?) about your lungs? If so, have they made any recommendations?

Take it easy, I hope you find it beneficial :)


Went today to have a chat as already know the owner.Said they have lot of people with asthma who go and told him how bad i go and fast.Hubby went with me↲

My doctor said im ok to go and take things steady and build up bit by bit. Lynsey who owns the gym will have my details and what to do and who contact. ↲

Jus a bit worried as asthma not to good and chest tight, mucus and cough.I keep putting it off till bit better and asthma always flairs up and stuffs my plans up.So going try push forward and go and use reliever as needed.xxx


Asthma wise,the gym went well.Carnt wait go again.Did set my MD off xxx


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