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asthma attack

asthma attack at work,

It had to happen on day and to day was the day and was really scary.

My asthma was bad before I went work but ended up having a attack

and really struggling and needed lots of reliever.

I was with my year 6 children and dinner time.

Alerted another staff member to be on hand if couldnt get it

under control.

6 puffs later and started to settle a little bit so carried on at work as

nearly time for home.

Im back home now and awaiting a return call from my asthma nurse.

Really puffed out still xx

Nurse rang be back and had to up my prednisalone again to a higher daily dose.

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Glynis really sorry to hear what's happened, it goes to remind us all that when we think we have our asthma under control it can take us by surprise. Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself hun x


I had a bad attack at work once and asked if i could go home which i got a reply back you have only got a couple of hrs left just take it easy i was working in a 51 bedded nursing home by the time it got to go home i was struggleing so much i ended up in hospital and in intensive care thats when i new i had to give in work at my cons and drs request been on sick now since 21st nov 2006 still not used to not working but i have a carer now who takes me out and helps around my flat and i couldnt ask for a better and understanding person hope your ok now



Hi Glynis, sorry youre not well at the moment.

It is always nasty when you suffer an attack. When you feel generaly as id you have managed to stave one off.

It may be this awful weather were having. I hope you feel better soon.

Regards, Howie


Thank you everyone xxx


Carnt believe another attack at work today. Think my chest infection and sore throat made it worse.Could hardly breath and chest that tight and constant pain between shoulder blades and pulling tight. Lots of reliever 8 puffs later of easyhaler 200 and started to settle and home time. Home resting again and hope antibs kick in soon.


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