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Does this happen to you!

Firstly though not after medical info↲

I hate meal times when my asthma is bad like now and on steroids.When I eat a normal meal my breathing is hard to eat it all.When I do I get more breathless then my heart starts to beat fast palpitations to get oxygen round and takes a while to settle and need my reliever like having a bit of an attack.It only happens when asthma is bad so just curious if others are the same.I usualy avoid a main meal and snack as hate the fast heart beat.My doc and asthma team know about it.

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Hi Glyins,

I do have similar problems after eating, as I have several stomach conditions that I believe are interferring with my asthma. I have GERD, Hiatus Hernia, Ulcerative Colitus/Proctitus and IBS - all of them are controlled by medication (well supposidly! Im undergoing a Gastric pH 24 hour test next week to check the acid levels in my stomach). After I've eaten my upper stomach area gets severelly bloated and very painful and I feel very sick. I'm supposed to not eat certain foods as I'm intollerant to them but I'm naughty and do eat them sometimes but then I'm ready for the effects afterwards.

My breathing is awful when I bloat up as my Hernia and stomach is bloated and pushes on my lungs which makes it painful to breath in and my ribs ache.

I find that not eating fatty foods and try to eat small meals more often. If your still suffering I'd mention to your GP about it and ask if you could try Domeperidone. You take it 1 hour before your due to eat and it helps the food move through your system quicker/easier. I do find it helps with the sypmtons.

Hope you get some relief from it soon, as I know how awful it feels.

Jilly xx


I can relate, although my consultant isn't fully sure that what I'm going through is asthma. I also find that when my breathing's bad, finding the energy to find anything to eat is too much, ect..


Thank you Confused and MooMoo xxx Did a roast beef dinner and now sitting puffed out and palpatations and taking my reliever.Think my tummy if full of meds and no room for food.Seriously though think going try use reliever before and during a meal or give up and give it my dog xxx


Phew glad its not just me! Currently struggling to eat due to breathing being bad! Snacking on nibbly type finger food just to get something to eat. No appetite so forcing myself! :( Lost a stone last year and its taken me 12 months put it back on :/


Funny you should mention this Glynis but I have the same - breathless and rapid heart beat after a meal. I've had problems with reflux nearly all my life and take Gaviscon at the moment, which helps.


Me too when worse. It seems to be better now after ENT consultant suggested could be reflux (and gave me lansoprazole) as I had odd sore throat and food sticking but no obvious heartburn feeling. Also, lose appetite when on pred and asthma nurse commented on weight lass which I hadn't even realised at the time. I don't have palpitations or increased heartbeat necessarily at the same time. Morning puffiness/breathing/peakflows and food sticking have improved somewhat too.



Bumped up for you!


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