I am new to this forum but in a bit of a panic at the moment. I have been suffering with my asthma in the last few weeks and been on Pred for about 2 weeks but still getting quite breathless. This morning when I coughed up some Phlegm there was a small amount of blood in there. I have been to the doctor already who has sent me for a chest x-ray later today but says not panic it is probably just a chest infection which is why the Asthma has been playing up. The only thing is the other doctors I have seen the last few weeks did not think it was an infection cause my temperature was fairly normal.

I know no one can diagnose over the internet but I just wondered if anyone else has had this problem.

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  • Don't freak too much Hilary, if it isn't an infection and the chest x ray doesn't show up any other issues, it is just as likely that whilst coughing you have burst a few blood vessels in the throat area, done this many times myself when coughing a lot.

    Wishing you a cough free New Year


  • Hi Katina

    Thank you for your reply, but I don't really cough much with my asthma it is more just the feeling of being very breathless and having a very very tihgth chest.


  • Totally agree what Kat says

    Also I've had a few infections where I didnt feel that ill and my temp didnt go up a lot. Had blood a few times from the coughing aswell. Wouldnt worry too much about it for now

  • hi

    Welcome Hilary.

    Try not to worry it can happen from all the coughing.

    I get really bad chest infections with asthma and on pred etc ,

    and never have a temperature with it.

    hope x ray goes well and hope you feel well soon.

    Have a lovely christmas and again welcome ,love Glynis xxxx

    ps,you will make loads of friends on here and support and learn alot ,be nice get to know you xxxxxx

  • You can sometime burst a tiny wee capilary when you cough. You did the right thing speaking to your Dr. Finally I had pneumonia and did not know it so is possible to be quite ill and not have a temp. Pred will also mask a temp. These days I am either bang on normal or raging a temp at over 40 degrees that is what pred does.

    I hope you feel better soon, try not to worry. My advice would be if you suddenly cough up more blood, get very breathless, can't talk in sentances - we use full name and date of birth ie my name is Hildagard Ann Wilton, born on 31st June 1973 - then get yourself off to A&E and if cough up lots of blood oryou can't talk or only get odd words out dial 999.


  • If you're on your own and can't speak, it's not a bad idea to register you mobile with the emergency sms scheme, at least you can then send a text.

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