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floored by a jaffa cake!

I knew the biscuits would get there revenge eventually after the amount I have eaten...

well it seems my attack on Friday and the subsequent difficulties I have been having may have been caused by a jaffa cake. I have never had problems before but it was a new brand, I have not had before and when checked packaging it says could contain hazelnuts...I am really allergic, nutella is my idea of a nightmare, so it is possible and more than proable that the jaffa cake got me! That will teach me not to check!

Ho hum gone off jaffa cakes a bit now...going to check jammie wagon wheels out!

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Ah bless! Poor you.

A friend of mine can actually fit a whole wagon wheel in her mouth at once...maybe something you could try?!! lol

Is it me or are wagon wheels smaller than they used to be when I was a child?? Or is it just that I'm bigger therefore making the wagon wheel smaller? Ummmm only smarties have the answer.

Rach. xxx



I used to eat jammie wagon wheels a lot. Probem was, id eat full 6 pack cos im greedy haha.

Switched to jammie dodgers, same thing, eating full pack, greed gets better of me.

Now swapped to fig bisquits,still gutsing my way through full pack, but think they might be bit healthier and seems waste of time leaving some after opened new pack haha



wagon wheels definately smaller. I can do whole one in mouth too, so either got bigger mouth, or smaller wagon wheels.

Think second one is right though


Thanks Howie for clearing up the whole wagon wheel size issue!! Am much relieved as I thought my, oops I mean my friends, mouth had got bigger!

It always seems a shame to put a half eaten packet of biscuits back in the cupboard especially as teenage daughter who is built like a stick insect but thinks she is a locust will devour them in seconds. She'll thank me for it one day I'm only preventing her from piling on the weight. Beside I have an excuse Pred gives me the munchies ... my need is therefore greater than hers. Lol


I can get a whole wagon wheel in my mouth too...just tried. I can also get 37 malteasers in at once...oh gosh I am so bored at


Haven't tried a wagon wheel, should suggest it at work. It would be better than all my colleagues trying to demonstrate how they can fit their whole hands in their mouths (not something I can do, I have giant man-hands).

I can however make a packet of biscuits vanish, if given enough time. I guess it doesn't count as a magic trick if people can see how you do it...


I can fit all my fingers in my mouth in a fist (not the thumb as well though).

Sure I can fit a whole wagon wheel.

Might have to try the maltesers.

I'm supposed to be trying a dairy free week this week to see if that helps, but had failed spectacularly by 3.30 on Monday.


Obviously we all have a little too much time on our hands?!! Either that or being asthmatic sends us all slightly crazy. lol. Might have to give the Maltesers a go though. I wonder if there is a world record for the most amount of maltesers in your mouth once?!!! Honey you might just be in with a chance ...


Ahh no that's no good I would hate that I love Jaffa cakes ! I have to read the packaging on everything nowadays u just can't trust your instincts anymore they put some strange things in things! Actually reading the packaging put me off munching for about a week and then the munchies took Over and I gave up worrying about such and such acid beetle juice and what ever else they put in food !!

Wagon wheels have most definatley shrunk !!



My housemate got 43 malteasers in her mouth so that is my chance of a world record was a messy experience but kept her quite for over 20 thought she may end up in A and E inhaling malteasers makes you cough. How could we have explained that one! What to try today...mmmm maybe krispie cream donuts...wonder where the nearest store is? I am supposed to me being careful with what I that is going to happen.


A Jaffa cake and a waggon wheel would floor me........ they both contain eggs..... sad as I haven't always been allergic to eggs so I know how yummy jaffa cakes are!

There is a game called chubby bunnies which involves stuffing marshmallows, one at a time in your mouth until you can't say 'chubby bunnies' recognisable anymore...........

I always have to read packages because sometimes manufactures switch sites and you can end up with traces.....

Twigglets have an egg warning, Hovis bread mix does too!

I am always careful now.

I can still eat malteasers though......... well last time I looked at the pack I could! LOL

43 Malteasers!!!!!!!.......... did she look like a hamster with over stuffed pouches???


very accurate description Kate...

I would beat her on the chubbie bunnie game...she hates marshmallows. lol at least ther is something I would win at.


Galaxy choc (which I love) and icecream for me - so unfair! Some crisps too, however there a plenty of goodies that I'm completely fine with : ) and yes, wagon wheels have got smaller!


I FAILED I didn't break any world records :( But in my defence there were only 21 malteasers in the packet and they all fitted in my mouth at once. Damn you small 37g packet!!

May move onto a flake next - mmmmmm



I noticed today sainsburys do quite a large free from range including egg which looks pretty good we purchased a few things may be worth a look ? They also do home delivery :)

Reading packaging bores me ! Adds to the ammount of time I'm n the supermarket as well hehe still would be in trouble if I didn't !!!




i get quite a lot of my goodies including shortbread via the internet site goodness direct they also do a dairy free choc orange spread yummy which suits me as i don't tolerate any form of dairy from eggs and cheese to margarine. least asda sell dairy free dark choc now. lol


Must be really annoying to have these allergies! What's the dairy free dark choc like, Katharine? Somehow I never think of it as having dairy but of course it does, wondering how it affects the flavour.

As I just said over in the biscuit thread ended up being made to eat plain digestives today in hospital (with apology for them not being chocolate lol) followed by Coke (ugh) and told would have to stay in if Coke didn't work. I would advise eating before a treadmill test, though not sure how much it would have helped given I still feel a bit weird (though better than before).

Really just advise not doing treadmill ECG test when everything makes you breathless...


dairy free dark is quite nice. def helps the choc craving but the milk choc you can get in buttons and things is naf tastes worse than imitation choc and not worth getting even if desperate. asda and morrisons have started selling a milk choc orange dairy free bar for about 70p thats ok but tend to stick to dark as tastes better,


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