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Chlorine in Pools

Hi all, I've done some work for the American Chemistry Council, and I've seen a lot of stories about chlorine in pools causing asthma. I can assure you that, contrary to popular belief, the major cause of these problems is too little free chlorine rather than too much! Additionally, the health risks of consuming or swimming in non-chlorinated water are incredibly minimal when compared to those risks undertaken in using or enjoying non-chlorinated water. So while it might sound ominous, the risks are minimal.

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According to my aunt a leisure centre manager a lot of pools especially newer or refurb'd ones don't use chlorine in their systems now anyway!



It may not 'cause' asthma but it certainly upsets mine! Usually in the middle of the night. I hate night attacks!

If anyone knows of a chlorine free pool in North or Northwest London Please let me know. I draw the line at Hampsted Heath Tho'.


swimming pools do not use chlorine but they do use other chemicals such as bromine apprach your pool with care I seem to react most of the chemicals but there are some for private pools that are lung friendly.


Just a little note that Bromine is probably worse for your lungs than Chlorine is so if you are sensitive, and assuming Bex is correct in saying they use Bromine and not Chlorine I'd check it out carefully before diving in. I've inhaled both (accidently) and neither were nice, but the Bromine was definately the worst out of the two, wasn't as bad as inhaling pure Ammonia though, but that's another story.

Also a lot of the time the Bromine used in pools is Chlorine based so if you are allergic to Chlorine or bleaches, I'd be careful.

Claire x


i used to take my daughter 18months at the time to the pool at the gym, but she would have a terrible cough for about a week after going swimming so we stopped going altogther.


Does anyone know if the chlorine in cleaning products is the same chemical used in swimming pools? Had a bad head & a grumpy chest following using a mould removing product. Would be useful to know as I could then try & avoid them.

Can anyone recommend a cleaning product to remove mould from window frames that isn't likely to trigger asthma?

Many thanks



the level of combined chlorine at a local pool was 2.5times the recomended level and has been attributed to causing my asthma


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