Crazy Mod Going Marathon Mad Again

Hi Peeps,

It seems my insanity was not quite sated by just doing one marathon, so once again I have taken a Golden Bond place with Asthma UK to run the London Marathon this year. I need to raise at least £1,500 so I need all the support I can get. Last year, with your help, I raised £2,500-odd, but this year I think I've probably lost the sympathy vote (because I now know what I'm letting myself in for!), so I really need any support you can offer me.

I have a Virgin Money Giving page (like JustGiving, but preferred by AUK cos it doesn't cost so much for them to use, and they also charge less commission to donors). It's here: - please have a squizz, and if you've got any spare change, I'd be eternally in your debt if you could sling it my way. Cheers :)

If you prefer not to use online donation, but would still like to sponsor me, please PM me.

Fank Yoo all, lovely people.


(Crazy Moderator)

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  • Hi Cath,

    I think your crazy but who am I to say so eh !!

    Would love to sponsor you but that web page comes up as not found when I copied and pasted it in ?? any ideas ??



  • Good Luck Cathbear!

    Snowy - I got the link to work - I just copied and pasted it...

    Doing a marathon once I could understand, but twice deffinetly makes you a crazy Mod!


  • Nope this is what I get:-, any ideas ?????????

    Your search - - did not match any documents.


    * Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

    * Try different keywords.

    * Try more general keywords.

  • Hmmm, not sure what's going wrong there. The link definitely works. You can try: and then click on my marathon wheeze page

    instead. Hope that's better :)

  • I eventually found you bu going on their site and trauling through,,, anyway ive done it now. Good luck!


  • good luck cathy.

    rooting for you x

  • Cathbear,fantastic a brilliant roll modle your life does not end with asthma,hope one day to run again as realy love it and ran for my school years ago cross country and sons sportsday parent races.

    Good luck with your training for it again your realy brave,lots of love Glynis xxx

  • Thanks for the encouragement and sponsorship, peeps :)

  • Bump up for Cathbear xxxxx

  • Bump up for Cathbear x

  • lost the plot but have fun. your almost at 1st hundred hope efully with many more to come and hopefully beat last years total.

  • bump up!

  • Bump up for CATHBEAR X

  • Thank you :)

  • bump for Cathbear !!!

  • Bump up for Cathbear x

  • Bump up xxx

  • bump up for Cathbear!!!

  • come on everyone dig deep even a pound donation will give cath a help towards her target.

  • Bump up for Cathbear!!!

  • BUMP UP!!!

  • bump up for cathbear !!!

  • Thanks for all the bumping!

    Well, training seems to be paying off - managed a half marathon PB yesterday :)

    Just one more big training run before the big day now - 20 miles, which I'll be doing on Wednesday afternoon - so please keep all fingers crossed that the weather picks up a bit!

    Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me - you are all absolutely fab :)

  • Bump up for Cathbear!!!

  • I will give you a big cheer as you go past as I will be there (somewhere) with the crazy first aid team! so if you are gonna have an asthma attack dont do it near me!

  • Well, we're off to London tomorrow so I thought I'd pop in to say adios, and thanks for the support!

    Bizkid - not planning on having an asthma attack, but if I do, I will ensure that it is executed in a timely fashion away from your good self ;-) LOL.

    Many thanks all, as always your support has been grand.


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