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Food intolerance and asthma

He everyone, I'm new here.

My asthma's recently become much worse than usual, and I'm pretty sure part of it is linked to sulphites in wine and things. I've noticed it gets worse when I drink either alcohol, or fruit cordials.

I wondered how I can find out properly whether my worsening asthma is linked to diet or other intolerances as I've also noticed it gets worse when I eat stir fry sauces and things like that.

Has anyone had similar experiences, or have any advice for how I can find out what is causing it?


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i suggest you talk to your asthma nurse or doctor about it and ask to be tested for allergic reactions and intolrances they can do this normally by blood test or get reffered to a dietican, hope it gets sorted


Hi Emma, welcome to the forums. I seem to have been having problems with foods that contain soya protein recently, and I've had symptoms from fizzy drinks before too both of these were pretty immediate reactions. I also think that something in alcoholic drinks (maybe sulphites as you suggested) have been triggering my symptoms too and it was only looking back through my peak flow chart that made me suspect this. I think the difficulty in identifying these drinks as a trigger is partly because the reaction seems to be delayed rather than instant like the soya, and partly because the place where I usually meet friends for drinks has recently been refurbished. Several weeks after completion it still has that fresh paint/new carpets and furnishings smell and ventilation is poor in there. Also some of my friends smoke so I often end up going outside periodically where its both cold (air temp being another of my triggers) and I am exposed to 2nd hand smoke. The thing that made me go back and check my peak flow diary was getting symptoms whilst having a quiet drink at home, where non of the other factors come into play.

I'm meant to be going to a cocktail party tomorrow too, since it's probably not wise for me to be drinking mixed drinks until I have a better idea of what's going on it looks like I'm gonna end up making drinks for everyone else and not getting any myself. I almost always end up being asked to make most peoples drinks at cocktail parties, not sure why, but I'll take it as a compliment.

As for advice, have a chat to your doctor or asthma nurse, you could try asking to be referred for allergy testing if tracking down your triggers is becoming a problem. Other than that its a case of avoiding the things that could be potential triggers really. Hope things improve for you soon. xx


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