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Could you be photographed for use in our work?

Hi there,

Asthma UK is having a photo shoot in late May to help us include real people with asthma and their asthma medicines in our work and if you or any of your family have asthma and are comfortable in front of the camera you could really help us to do this by taking part.

At the moment, we don't show asthma medicines such as inhalers in the photos that we use to avoid people with asthma being defined just by their medicines.

This shoot will allow us to explore fresh and dynamic ways of including asthma medicines by showing how they fit into people’s daily lives. For example, rather than a close up of someone in a studio taking their reliever inhaler, we might show someone packing their gym kit and popping their reliever inhaler into their bag or using their reliever inhaler before they start to exercise.

If you think your family has what it takes, or you’d like to be involved individually, please email The shoot will be held in Greater London in late May and will involve people of a range of ages.

Asthma UK will provide refreshments on the day and cover any expenses incurred by taking part in the shoot and we’ll also give you copies of all the photos as a souvenir of your day in front of the camera.

Thank you!


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