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Limited Capacity for Work Questionnaire form!

Hello Folks,

I have just received one of these forms from the DWP.

Any hints and tips please will be gratefully received.

I have Brittle asthma type one and two, so chronic and acute / variable etc. And all the side effects from the steroids........ knackered tendons, muscles etc mobility problems etc

I am a little concerned as I may be assessed by ATOS..........

I currently do some permitted work ( up to and around 14 hrs a week when I can) on an as & when basis, so if I am not well or it has taken me three hours to get up and dressed, I can change my work day .

I have had a quick skim through and note take on the form (in pencil) - It is going to be quite a challenge to get everything down but I will fill in every available space! Meds list will have to be on an A4 sheet alone!

I am a well educated person and worry how others may be able to fill in this form as it is going to be a challenge for me!

Many thanks


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I have had to fill in form for DWP DLA - and the advice I was given was to fill it in as my worst day...I have to say I had help - and I am also a well educated person. It was quite successful. It was quite a trial. my occupational health was done by ATOS when I was working...currently not at work but hoping to go back soon. They were okay actually I was seen by the doctor as the phone people found me too complicated...and she was most understanding. Good Luck


Good luck Kate. Not seen one yet. .... When I do I will probably poop my pants !!!!


When I fill in forms I usually photocopy the form first so I've got a spare if I go wrong!


This sort of thing is a nightmare! I've never done one of these but I did have to do some court forms once for a claim against our landlord. I am also a well-educated person and so were my housemates but the whole process was so hard to wade through.

Are there any notes with the form or notes you could find online? They're not always helpful but could be worth a look as a start. Also wonder if CAB is any good at helping with this stuff?

Good luck, hope you get through it and get results!


Thanks folks!

I always write in pencil or notes on paper, then copy the lot before launching it off into the mail system.

Thanks to others who have messaged me too!

Not going to get serious with the form until next week! I need a break!




found the from can type straight into it or print out numerous copies...there are also if you search tips for filling it in...I did a google search.


Hello All,

Update - I sent my form off with letters from GP and Cons..... Was awaiting a letter inviting me for an assessment etc, from ATOS etc.

This morning I got a lovely brown envelope, took a deep breath, opened it and to my amazement, it has all bee approved.

I have been changed to ESA in the support group.

This is a huge relief, though I still feel sad that I am unable to do any proper paid work.

(though I have cut back on quite a bit of my vol work etc)

Also, I have also asked for proper organised help at home..... when the dist nurses get to see me!

So, It is not all bad with the change over.......

Just make sure you take your time with these forms and get good back up letters from your drs etc. I showed my GP a draft copy of my form to help him understand what happens at home etc GPs and Consultants don't always realise the impact asthma can have on every day life, fortunately mine do.




thnks for the update kate. nice to know some positive results from the new system ...... hope most people will have a similar experience.....


I am glad everything went through okay for you.... The forms are a pain especially as they do not always make it clear there are points avaiable for things which they do not mention.... in order to catch you out. Its amazing how much stress the process puts you through especially when you are not feeling well anyway...


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