Bagpuss cheese!

Yes, it is true and it does exist!!

Morrisons have it on their cheese counter - with profits to Asthma UK.

It has a pink bottom layer flavoured with strawberry and a top yellowy layer with strawberry bits in - very creamy & very Yummy too!!

So if you like cheese and can eat cheese - go get some!

Also O2 are selling Bagpuss packs for mobile phones in aid of AUK!

Oh how I wish I could be a saggy baggy old cat and curl up and sleep 23 hrs of the day


xxx zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • sounds interesting kate but don't do pink things. now if it was orange. lol

    Def with you on saggy old cloth cat bit and 23 hrs sleep. i wish. just 1 night without waking for ventolin at least once would do me.

    Dreams on zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • i saw this in the asthma magazine it dosnt look very nice! ive never seen pink cheese before! but hey if it helps auk its worth a try!!

  • Ohhhhhhhhhh am going to Morrisons with Mummy tomorrow will look out for and buy some AUK cheese.


  • That is where I saw it mentioned - Asthma News.

    Also there are other pink cheeses around. Other stiltons with fruit in them!

    The Bluebuerry one is very interesting! Purpley!

    Happy cheese munching!


  • I love the cranberry one that you get at waitrose (I assume you can get it elsewhere but that is where I see it)


  • Morrisons are also selling Star Christmas tree decorations - in silver, gold and purple for asthma uk and also wee bagpuss bookmarks things - they are cute!

    I am going to look out for the cheese tomorrow x x

  • Ohhh even better, I have worked out with my lot, random extra and various GF's and BF's I have 9 yes 9 stockings to fill so will be looking out for AUK things I can put into them.


  • I have to say I am a little suspicious of pink cheese! I will give it a go though...

    I do like other flavoured cheeses like the white stilton with fruit pieces in them - although Alex thinks they are not proper food and pretty much the work of the devil!

    Some of the other Bagpuss goodies look nice... I love Bagpuss! I have a big poster of him in my study, as well as a big cuddly version and all my little AUK Bagpusses. Haven't seen them for a while as I'm not too hot with the stairs at the moment... but I will have to get Alex to bring down the teddies if not the poster. I am missing my Bagpusses!

    My mum's into Geocaching (don't ask... can't believe I am encouraging her by even mentioning it on here) and she has a little Bagpuss 'travel bug' that travels round the world in my name... see what he's been getting up to here:

    Yay Bagpuss.... 'he was only a saggy old cloth cat, but Emily loved him'!

  • I also have quite a collection of Bagpuss stuff too!

    Varying size stuffed ones, including a faded car suction one.

    Boots also have a bagpuss covered bubble bath! One for the wish list me things!

    Em - wow, you Mum is very adventurous! Sounds like my Mum. I bought my Mum a GPS for her 60th birthday. Not done Geocashing myself though with mine.

    Pink cheese - there is that port stained stuff if I remember that is streaky pink.

    Bex - You can get cranberry cheese elsewhere as well as Waitrose .

    Anyway, Back to saggy cats!




  • Bagpuss cheese not available

    I made my way to Morrisons with my Mum today, not only was I told they were no-longer doing the cheese (although there was a big picture thing advertising it) the only AUK stuff around was the stars which where situated only at the cigarette booth!


  • Oooh Noooo Bex!

    I would stick to Waitrose!

    I saw stars by the tills.


  • Just read Emily H's post and wondered about the bagpuss soft toys. I have never seen these anywhere and wondered where they were from. I am also looking for AUK stocking fillers this year - its something a wee bit different and its for a great cause!

    Are they still available from anywhere?

    Thanks, Sarah x x

  • Hello Sarah,

    The AUK Bagpuss mini toys were limited edition a year or two back.


    There are other soft toys around still I think - Boots has a hot water bottle cover with mouse, Clintons may have stuff???

    There are also bookmarks and pins etc in Morrisons if you ask.


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