Important moderator message!

Hi all.

It seems I need to bring the following part of the message boards terms and conditions to people's attention again:

""By registering with our forums you agree to:

* keep your messages civil, tasteful and relevant

* maintain respect for other people

* post your message under the relevant thread

* use only one account to access these message boards - users creating multiple accounts will be suspended""

The most important point is the last one.

It has come to our attention that one of the current message board users is a member that has previously been suspended posting using another account. I ask that person to refrain from posting to the message board, and assure them that as soon as possible their new account will also be suspened. Any further posts they make to the message board will be deleted.

Thanks to everyone else for putting up with these interruptions from me!

Take care,



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  • Would it be a good idea to keep bouncing this to the top?

  • Please!

  • Ok then lets get going.

    Boing! first big bounce

    Whose next?

  • bounce

  • boiiing! Back it goes to ther top.

  • PING!!!

  • boing!!!!

  • bumpety bump!

  • Oooo! I want to bump too!


  • <pumps up muscles>

    <pushes thread to the top of the pile>

  • a bid bounce and a quack!

  • bounce

  • up we go

  • Old Jumpety-Bumpety-Hop-and -Go-One

    Was lying asleep on his side in the sun.

    This old kangaroo, he was whisking the flies

    (With his long glossy tail) from his ears and his eyes.

    Jumpety-Bumpety-Hop-and -Go-One

    Was lying asleep on his side in the sun.


    Sorry couldn't resist

  • to me, to you, to me to you (chuckle as in brothers)

  • Boingggg!!!!

  • ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can we play a game that doesn't hurt????????????????????

  • Gentle nudge!

  • <knocks post upwards>

  • Having sent a few posts I'll bump this up with my elbow.

  • pushes post back to the top

  • Heave ho here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the bouncing, folks.

    You can now leave this message to drift off down the topics list and into oblivion... its purpose has been served!

  • an extra big bounce!

  • No more bouncing!!

    Thanks all,


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