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Fighting for breath


I was wondering what people think to the fighting for breath report. Do you think it gives a fair representation of what it is like for people with severe asthma?

I think it would be something good to discuss.

Any thoughts on it people? Any opinions? Any thing missing?

The only way to make a difference is by reading what is coming out!

(just prompting discussion not standing on toes)


Edit: can be found on main website, link on front page.

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Haven't got time for a long post now and I'd like to re-read the report before I comment more fully, but I remember thinking when I read it that it seemed a pretty good report but I was concerned as to who would read it, take in what was said and whether it would change their beliefs. I was concerned that the people who would have access to it / bother reading it would be the people who generally already knew all of this. How do you educate those who think they know everything already and who are not willing to learn / listen?


Good idea for a discussion topic plumie! I found it really interesting to read, if a little depressing to be honest. I mean depressing that people aren't getting the support and help that they deserve/need.

I found that several of the comments people made were all too familiar like not being taken seriously in A&E or friends and even doctors not understanding.



where can i find a copy of this, i would be interested in reading it.


i read it, tho highlighting the negetives it gave proposals for change on how to combat these, at present these are only proposals. would been nice to see some positive outcomes. it is a step in the right direction. as someone with severe asthma i wasnt aware there was a support organisation specifically for this.


I have sent the report around my colleagues who teach healthcare students, hopefully they may tell their students about it. The Government have also put out a public consultation paper today on the health outcomes that the NHS should be meeting when it has been reorganised. Are Asthma UK responding to it I wonder as it does identify Long Term Conditions as an area that needs monitoring.

The consultation can be found at:


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