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Typical Asthma Day

I have had an idea why dont we do a thread on how asthma affects people day to day, it is different for all asthmatics and i think it would be good for each one of us to see how it affects us.

A mild asthmatic it would be one way, a moderate another, a severe another and a brittle another. It would help us all to be able to see what each other are like and it would be a great way to encourage and support one another more.

I will start it off so you can see what i mean.


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Chronic Asthma Day

8am - wake up for my morning medication - Nebuilsers, inhalers and tablets.

9am - Breakfast

10am - Chill out and rest, doing any paperwork or computer work i have

11am - Nebuilsers

11.30 - Homecare come to check i am ok, to assist with washing and dressing if i need, to assist me with laundry, to assist me with household tasks and to assist me with making lunch depending how i am feeling.

12.30 - Tablets

1pm - Chill out and rest, sometimes have a visitor come round, sometimes am taken out and about by various friends or family, sometimes i do a craft activity or watch tv.Or if i up to it i take myself out to do some volunteering at my church or go to my gym to do a little stationary cycling or swimming depending on how i feel on a day to day basis.

4pm - nebuilsers

5pm - have tea which i make myself usually a sandwich or jacket potato.

6pm - I often have visitors, go to volunteering with girlguiding uk, or go to a church meeting, or do something with my friends.

9pm - nebuilsers, inhalers and tablets

10pm - usually trying to sleep

I often wake at least once in the night for varying different reasons rarely sleep straight through.

(times are rough estimates and not exact as are activities as i depends how i feel)


This si a great idea. I will post both mine and Ryan's as Ryan's is done by the clock at the moment.Only because pon Thursday he had an asthma attack that was so bad we ended up having to dial 999 for him as he had an attack that lasted in total over half an hour. This is the worst one since 5 years ago. I was in shock that after 5 years I have had to re-start the count on when we last had to get an ambulance to him.

So Ryan's routine Monday-Friday is:

6am Wake up layin bed for half an hour quietly followed by half an hour breathing exercises

7:00 1 puff on Brown followed by 1 puff green while morning bath is being ran

8:20 2 puffs on Blue before going out to school, brush teeth

11:50 2 puffs blue, 1 puff on Brown, and Green before dinner then wash face with baby wipe and brush teeth after dinner

3:20 2 puffs on blue before home time

8:00 2 puffs blue, 1 puff Brown and green, wash and brush teeth

9:00 Bed but most nights doesn't go to sleep until 10:30-11ish and then even in his sleep he is very active and has to be listened for in the night as he sleep walks and nigh ttime seems to be his bad period with the asthma at the moment and has frequent attacks in his sleep

At weekends blue morning inhaler is given with brown and green and no home-time inhaler. He also has 2 puffs on te blue at least 10 mins before any phsyical activitie like PE, Swimming, American football practice and weekend nature walks. Ryan's breathing exercises consist of 5 mins blowing bubbles, drumming the back while he coughs, 5 mins deep controlled breathing, drumming on back while he coughs again then 10 mins singing which he does wile in the bath where he breathes in the vapour that is formed from the bath. Singin gisn't done on days when he wakes up feeling chesty or is complaining of pains in his chest.

For me my routine is 4 puffs Blue, then 10 mins later 4 puffs Brown at 7:30 am and 8:30 PM And then dueing hte day I only take 4 puffs on the Blue inhaler when needed.


Hey thanks for reply was interesting to read actually and it shows we can still do normal days as well. Thank you that was so encouraging for me esp to see he still does sports.



i only have a routine on weekdays, weekends is moe how i feel

7:15am wake up, press snooze

7:30am Wake up, open curtains, 1 antibiotic, 1 iron tablet, peak flow +record, 2 puffs of blue inhaler then go to wash and dress

7:45ish two brown inhalers, brush teeth

8:00am most weeks i have morning physio, then leave for school

10:30-11am antibiotic (and usually blue inhaler)

1pm go somewhere quiet with a mate to eat lunch inside

1:30ish sometimes i have to go to a lesson during lunch break (mon, wed,fri and some thurs)

2:30pm antibiotic

3:30pm get home from school after walk, 2 puffs of blue inhaler, something to eat and lazyness watching tv

5pm homework/coursework

6pm when hips are painfull I go to bed for an hour/two

8pm ring dad and eat tea, im a slow eater so will usually be eating for an hour or so

10pm antibiotic, peak flow and record, two puffs of blue, physio

10:30pm brown inhaler, brush teeth and try to go to sleep

its nice reading that other people can timetable all the stuff they have to do!

edit: forgot to add peak flows


Hi there, this is me on most days.


7.00 - wake up to hear biggest cat scratching at the door. If careful not to move or make a sound, we can put him off for another half hour.

7.30 - husband who like the morning to catch up on stuff/copy stuff on freeview box to DVD/look up emails etc. gets up to feed cats, who then bolt their food to make it back up the stairs to be first to scratch to be let in with me. Hubby stays up and cleans the carpet where the cats have been sick after racing down their food.

7.40 - Put on headphones to block out drill from building site right next door plus noise of biggest cat scratching at the door.

8.00 - Give in and open door. Husband calls up to have another half hour or so.

8.05 - Work my way back into bed around two cats, The smallest of which has taken on the weight of a bag of wet cement and can't be moved from where my feet would go. Claude meanwhile has somehow taken up all the room husband would normally take up. This has gone on for years so I'm quite used to fitting around the cats.

9.00 - Wake up cold as biggest cat has taken most of the duvet - surreptitiously gathered with his paws and tucked underneath his belly.

9.10 - Take PF reading, two puffs Symbicort 200/6, write down reading in diary and on PF chart.

9.30 - Tea and toast.

10 am - 2 puffs blue and put on Buff (over mouth) before walk around the town. (up hill and down dale).

10.20 - stop for two or three puffs of blue as shoulders are aching - my sign of asthma irritation. BTW Husband has been asking me for the last ten minutes if I shouldn't be taking the blue and of course I've tried to hold out as long as possible.

10.45 - stop for two puffs of blue when passing new lights which are phased in a strange way so the traffic jams up more than it did before the lights arrived. Three lanes of angry motorists.

10.48 - nip through the park to avoid any more traffic fumes. Its funny, passing the tarmac-ing on other main road causes no problem at all.

11.00 - puff up the hill back to home again. Have a cuppa and check emails.

12.00 - 1.00 Lunch.


Afternoon - Catch up with coursework, craft work, housework, make cuppas for husband who works from home. 2 blue if need be, depending on what is happening over the fence at the building site. Concrete pouring or gathering up earth and dust, means have blue inhaler to hand.

4.00 - Shorter walk around the block finishing at local coffee shop for a cuppa.

6.00 - Make something for tea.

Evening - watch telly and catch up on AUK and Facebook.

9.30 - Take PF, 2 puffs Symbicort. Write PF reading in diary and on chart.

9.40 - as Afternoon. Plus chat with American pals on Facebook.

1 am - American pals on FB remind me of time difference and chase me off to Bed.


my normal week day,

Awake and up about 7 ish then get ready and asthma meds and all my other meds for OA.

Coffee and something to eat and have a little tidy up and washing ets.

Dinner time off to work and when home Take more meds and asthma meds usualy tired and have a little nap or on pc.

4 ish start to prepair tea and followed by a lovely pudding of more meds again and asthma stuff yum!

Family time and before bed more tabs and asthma meds

looking back at my days asthma is a pain and 0A..

Im a real family person,always family down and im the only one who needs meds for asthma ,family do worry about me and I dont know anyone with Asthma so thankyou AUK for beeing here for us xxx

One nice thing happend last week,my boss is asthmatic but not talked to here about it ,but I was bad monday and asthma attack at tea time.the next day she Kept me in out of the cold so that was nice.

my meds have ten tabs in morn and 2 at dinner and 5 at night and my 3 inhalers everyday so got a mixture and always tired as my meds make me sleepy .

Love my family and they help me if they can xxx


my typical day

6:45 usually wake up to myself wheezing do a pf usually 200-250 have a neb then usually go for a bath/shower

7:30 do my pf again usually around 350-400 take my regular meds then get dressed for work pack my neb up to take with me (work are quite accommodating allow me to take it for emergency's)

8:00 Leave for work

8:45 arrive at work usually need my salbutamol inhaler by now

12:00 lunch take my regular meds plus my salbutamol if required

5:00 finish work and head home

5:45 arrive home in time for evening neb do peak flow again usually around 250-300 have my evening neb then meds then have tea

7-7:30 settle dow for evening in front of tv

10:00 usually have my salbutamol inhaler before going to sleep

02-3:30 usually get woken my wheezing have neb then go back to sleep


7:30 - alarm

7:45 - yelling from my mum that I'll be late and getting up

7:50 - symbicort, salbutomol, montelukast other tabs then maybe atrovent or pred

8:17 - train to school

8:30 - salbutomol again

9:30 - mega wheezing from my rather pathetic attempts at pe

9:35 - teachers attempting to make me take my inahaler but a general refusual in an attempt to show how 'we'll' I am. Slanging match between pe teacher and medical lady and me (though I think this very unfair as i'm not generally in a position where I can verbalise)

9:40 - look and sound like a complete muppet so inahler strike postponed

9:50 - a 100m walk to next lesson which often take >30 mins

1:15 - symbicort and salbutmol

2:05 - smokers at the back of the field require a repeat of 1:15

4:05 - home and more meds before resting

5:30 - voluntary work for disabled adults

7:15 - tutor

11:30 - bed

2:00 - sleep (if I'm lucky) and frequent awakening for whatever inhalers I can reach


So I just got diagnosed with a trachea problem, so on my lung doctor's advice I am cutting back on asthma meds, although I am on a ton of allergy meds and my effort to cut out singulair was a flop. So I am going to give you my new schedule, and my old schedule I did for five years. I think it's so interesting how much a part of life taking meds can be, and how I don't even realize it's different until I'm around friend who don't do it!

Old Scedule-

6:30 am alarm

6:45 really get up, start getting out clothes, get a glass of water, walk around for a while before I take a peak flow as my chest is always tight in the morning and this helps open it up

7:00 take a puff of advair and go wash my face

take another puff, and then go and brush my teeth

take morning meds. (If sick take xopenex as well, and eat a bite of breakfast to take pred.)

7:30 Drive to work

12:00 Take more xopenex if sick, take extra steroid inhalers if sick, possibly do a neb at work

5:00 take more rescue inhaler

6:00 Dinner

9:00 more advair while watching T.V. so I don't have to think to much about how this is taking another 15 min. of my day. More xopenex if sick.

I was supposed to have moderate asthma....but now I'm supposed to have mild to mild persistant (with the trachea problem)

Now I take one puff of advair in the morning, I take singulair when I go to bed, and xopenex as needed.

I also have always taken zyrtec and a nasal spray for allergies. And prevacid for reflux.


My days vary quite a bit depending on what time I'm in college, so I'll give you an average wednesday lol.

7.15 - Alarm goes off. Many expletives yelled at said alarm and death threats made against it.

7.20 - Fall out of bed and stumble into bathroom and then downstairs and pour milk and cereal into the bowl. Not neccessarily in the right order.

7.30 - Eat breakfast, take inhalers, tablets, make attempt at peak flow meter and pull a face when it tells porkies.

7.40 - Find something resembling clean clothes from my wardrobe and throw them on in some sort of order.

7.45 - Make lunch and run around like a headless chicken when I realise I've forgotten something.

8.00 - Leave for bus. On several occasions see bus pull up to bus stop 100m away and leg it for the bus. Not good.

8.20 - Get to college and stumble to the chemistry labs to sit outside and read a book until class begins.

8.40 - Lessons until about 12.15, then freedom for the day!

12.15 - Leave college and make way home. Take Atrovent along the way.

12.45 - Get home and make a sarnie or something like that.

13.05 - Start coursework. This generally involves playing halo for half an hour then half an hour of coursework. Continue until assignment done.

15.00 - Other half comes over. Decide whether I can be arsed to tidy my room or whether going to town sounds like a better idea. Town generally wins.

17.00 - Come home and put some dinner on. Take Atrovent and Painkillers.

18.00 - Do some more homework. This is generally the chemistry work that is due in for the Thursday that I haven't done. Oops.

19.00 - Red Cross! Yay!

22.00 - Arrive home from Red Cross, have a cup of tea and flop into bed.

22.30 - Take inhalers, tablets and the peak flow of doom.


06.30 Alarm. Consider getting up & doing hypertonic saline neb/antibiotic neb for about a nanosecond. Go back to sleep.

06.45 Alarm. Up, shower & dress, breakfast. Am inhalers & tablets.

07.15 In car, chest physio whilst driving- active breathing techniques.

08.15-17.30 Work.. Leave at half five if lucky.

18.30 get home. Do Nebs not done earlier. Make supper.

19.30-23.00 chill out. Evening class on Tuesday. Read books, household chores. Go out at least two evenings to see friends or with husband. Rarely watch TV.

Midnight: bed, pm inhalers.

Interesting to read other peoples!



This is my sons routine (so probably mine as well lol as he's rather crap at managing anything himself!!)

7.30 Jay has been up about 1/2 an hour by now now and I can hear him coughing in his bedroom - I ask him if he's taken his meds , he usually says no so I tell him to take them.

8.00 Jay still coughing and haven't seen/heard him take anything yet so ask again - still ""not yet""

8.15 Jay heading out the door - ""have you taken your meds yet?"" - ""OMG - I am gonna be late for school!"" So we have an arguement and I go get all his stuff and he finally takes them after doing 3 peak flows (2 puffs symbicort, 2 puffs oxis, 10 puffs ventolin, 1 puff tiotropium, azithromycin, domperidone, omeprazole, pred)

I check his planner to see if he has PE at school and remind him to do a peak flow before he starts and to take 10 puffs of ventolin before and after. He has to do a peak flow before hand as it is unsafe for him to do exercise with a peakflow less than 60%. Jay loves his sport and as the school are very lax they tend not to check or just ask him if he's done it! So he does PE anyway and will just muddle through using rediculous amounts of Ventolin (about 30 - 50 puffs)

I ring school at lunch time to see if Jay has been to the office to take his midday meds (2 puffs symbicort and domperidone). He is supposed to do them in the office so they can see he has taken them and sign his planner - he often doesn't go down so no signature. The lovely receptionist says if she sees Jay she will rugby tackle him and sit on him to make sure he takes them.

Jay home from school about 5.00. We usually play a game called ' I think your struggling - I don't think I am' which continues until bedtime, I don't often win this one.

10ish back to the whole ""have you taken your meds"" and lots of procrastinating and eventually he runs out of more interesting things to do so takes them. 3 peak flows followed by 2 puffs Symbicort, 2 puffs oxis, domperidone, omeprazole, azathioprine.

Jay also has daily testing for glucose and weekly blood pressure monitoring because he has been on continuous pred for nearly 2 years. Also has weekly blood testing due to the Azathioprine.


OK I will do mine but bear in mine I have major gut problems after a blood clot went though the hole in my heart and ended up blocking the blood supply to my bowel which then got infected the gut has made only partial recovery so I get most of my nutrition from overnight NG feeds and most of my meds are given IV so we know I am actually getting them. During this time another clot or 2 ended up in my brain resulting in at least 2 embolic iscemic CVA's (strokes) for me it means the signals between brain and limbs or head get interupted and I end up on the floor, I still walk a little but I need people and a handling belt or a bar to hold on to so when my legs give out I might be able to manage to stay upright without falling. I have fallen a couple of times with the physios they just let you fall but they do stop me from banging my head or anything or injuring myself further, everyone else trys to catch me or hold me up and I end up pulling them over with me.

Some time in the wee small hours between 1am and 5am wake up for a quick neb I don't tend to look at the clock if it is pitch black then it is before 4 if it is starting to lighten up a little then it is nearer to 5am (this obviously changes from Season to Season)

6am Neb and IV's

7am go back to sleep

10-11am neb pre-carer arriving to chuck me in the bath, disconnect NG feed :)

Noon IV's and a neb

Afternoon, cat naps, nebs, twice a week physio either at the gym or they come to me, if it is not too cold get someone to hook O2 to back of Old Sparky (my electric wheelchair) and go shopping, play bridge, tidy my bed area, to watch football if my team are playing at home

6pm IV's and nebs eat what little I can eat and retire to my bedroom to chat to kids who are at uni or moved out via MSN

7.45pm neb before my Mum calls at 8pm since I had that long period of being really sick she has to speak to me every day no matter where she is and I want to be sounding my best.

8.30pm Hook up NG feed

10pm Neb

Midnight - you guessed it - IV's, refuel the turbo-butaline as my son calls sub cut bricanyl, finally a neb

1am snuggle down for sleep before the lung sucking monster pays his early morning visit and we start the whole thing off again.

I also can do PRN nebs inbetween the roughly 2 hourly ones although if I can stretch it out to 3 hourly then I do.



7:30 am Dog usually wakes me up by licking my face/ or chest wakes me up. Have a salb and atrovent neb and lie there for a while untill lungs say its ok to get up.

8am brekkie, tablets, inhaler, nasal spray, pulmicort neb and saline neb. 10 mins of chest clearance type physio to get rid of the monsters that have gathered overnight. get dressed.

9am No matter how I am I have to take the dog out we take a slow walk round the block this is usually follwed by 1 to 2 nebs and a few hours recovery, chest not in mood for exercise so early.

10am Draw up subcut Turbutaline, connect it etc

11am bath time, depending whats happening that day I then may go out for lunch go shopping etc. A typical day though I would study in the afternoon

12pm Neb and afternoon meds with lunch. Saline neb and then some more chest clearence type physio if needed

2/3pm neb and do a few hours of studying

4pm study

5pm neb and prepare dinner

5-7pm chill, eat dinner.

7pm Take doggy out for his evening walkies we can usaully go further than the morning walk. And then a neb

8pm evening tablets, inhaler, nasal spray, pulmicort neb then saline, watch tv, have friends over, do stuff online, complete assignments.

10pm bedtime neb and prepare subcut turbutaline infusion before it starts beeping at me!

11-7am sleep! Wake up around 3 times for inhaler/neb sometimes do this without fully waking up.

I think thats it lol!


I am going to have to think about this one as I don't let asthma rule my life...I rule it!

Wake up, between 7 & 9 am, pick empty nebs out of the bed, depending on what i am doing that day, have neb, inhalers, turn O2 hippo off if using it, breakfast, chuck down tablets, shower / wash, do s/c if using it, get dressed....

go to work, if at work that day. nebs whenever needed. chuck arge handbag / rucksack in car along with O2 if needed (well, I do work out in the marshlands of Essex)

chuck down calcium tablets at some stage.

Nebs etc when needed

tea time..

evening meds....

off to meetings if aranged....

bed time , neb, inhalers, clean teeth etc, wash, turn on the O2 Hippo if needed.

Snooze, wake for nebs if needed...........


Hi my Son has Brittle asthma type 2 so to be possitive I'm going for the Good Day 1st!!

7.30 am Matty wakes up, has breakfast,wash, dressed then 3x125 seretide then cleans teeth.

8.30 checks bricynal inhaler in pocket plus spare blue

sometimes uses bricynal and 4 puffs of blue during day, depends on weather and emotional factors.

3.30 home from school

3.45 changed for going out with mates bricynal in pocket and mobile in case of ambulance needed.

8pm 3x125 seretide, 10mg montelukast teeth clean, shower a

9pm bed if we are lucky!!


1am coughing starts, chest looks weird, rib sticking out 4 blue inhaler

1.10am coughing again 4 blue inhaler

1.20am coughing bad use nebuliser

2am coughing bad again, Matty says OXY, know what he means dial 999

2.10pam ambulance crew arrive with asthma kit and OXYgen!

2.20am we talk about whether to take him in to hospital, decide he stablised and ambulance crew happy too, told to see gp in morning or 999 again if bad

4am coughing again chest bad but not horrendous yet, 4 blue inhaler, quickly get dressed, chuck hospital bag in boot and go to A+E, (5 mins away)

4.10 sitting waiting for gp needs more blue needed

4.40 get seen at last!! sats done, 98 so all ok, say heart rate is fast, no surprise and pulse not right. chest lovely and clear explain about no wheeze, fallen on deaf ears again!can go home, explain what if it kicks off again, told to come in again!

5.10am go back to bed both knackered

5.30 starts coughing again, use neb as it's been 4 hours and we are soo not winning.

5.50am decide to sleep in Matty's room on pull out bed, cuddle him and we both sleep zzz

7.30am sort out sandwiches for older son

8.30am phone gp

9am see gp chest lovely and clear, given steroids and told to neb 4 hourly and phone respiratory cons

9.30am cons phoned and tells us to speak to local cons, cant get hold of, tell secretary problem but cons always phones 3 days later!

10am Reality bites, stuck with severely ill child with no back up, sit and cry thinking what the hell do I do now!

10.30am coughing starts again, phone resp con and ask for help, sometimes phones straight away sometimes a week later, again no back up, thank God for ambulances and oxygen, the cycle just carries on.....



OK, while sat in the sun will do mine for a typical weekday.

6.30 wake and think about getting up....take peakflow and then inhalers and omeprazole.

7.00 Breakfast and make sarnies for work

8.00 Find tools and leave for work

10.00 mid morning cuppa and bite to eat

13.00, Yeh second favourite time of day...dinner LOL

15.00 more tea, in addition to what ever get given by customer

16.30 Favourite time of day...go home, get some tea

18.00 usually run/bike/swim or pilates class otherwise veg out infront of TV/PC

20.00 take peakflow if home and inhalers and montelukast or later when back from pool/pilates and evening snack

22.00 Omeprazole and Bed


My Usual Day

I work late nights usually when am well enough to go in work so here's my schedule;

12pm alarm goes off and i toss and turn until i wake

12.30pm wake up and run bath. Have something to eat and take brown inhaler

1.30pm turn out for work @ 2 and catch bus

2pm work til 11pm (take blue as required)

10.30pm take singulair and brown inhaler.

10.45pm if its cold outside or windy i take my blue inhaler

3am Bed

Schedule when am ill;

Wake when i wake,

Take antibiotics, pred, pain killers and brown inhaler,

Usually after that i sit down and chillax and sometimes i'll need my blue inhaler too,

Have summit eat a few hours later,

Take blue inhaler when required,

Depending on what antibiotics am on will depend when i take them. At mo am on ear drops, pills for my chest infection and throat spray,

Make my tea and then watch soaps or go on my ps3,

Take antibiotics, pred, pain killers and brown inhaler,

Then bed and go sleep when i can get comfortable.


Right this is a fairly average day for me at the mo-the neb usage is within the guidelines i have agreed with my resp con and community nurse.- -please no one neb this much without ok from drs.

12am 5mg ventolin neb 500mcg atrovent

3-4am 5mg ventolin neb

6-7am 5mg ventolin neb and 500mcg atrovent neb

8am get up do blood sugar, insulin(levemir and novorapid), pred,symbicort,tramadol, lansoprazole,

ferrous fumerate, ascorbic acid, adcal, desloratidine,clopidigrel -have breakfast and get son

sorted for school

9am take son to school come home and neb 5mg ventolin

10am check blood sugar pootle around, watch tv, facebook, meet friends for coffee.

12pm 5mg ventolin neb 500mcg atrovent neb

1pm do blood sugar , insulin, ferrous fumerate ,tramadol make lunch ,physio for hip

3pm check blood sugar,neb 5 mg ventolin

3.35pm collect son from school, help with homework

think about dinner and sit down with a coffee!!!

5pm start dinner - most night 1 kid or more will have an activity so dinner time varies

6pm 5mg ventolin neb,500mcg atrovent neb, tramadol, check blood sugar, insulin then dinner.

evening usually spent watching tv, helping kids with homework or spending time with them.

8pm check blood sugar

9pm ensure son is in bed 5 mg ventolin neb

10.30-11pm check blood sugar, have bedtime snack, take tramadol, quinine,adcal , montelukast ferrous fumerate got to bed to read/play on ds.

then start all over again!!!!!


Why the focus on medication? What has happened to other things you do in your day? Is asthma all about medication to people?

I aim to focus my day on what daily living tasks i can achieve!


Good point!!

Today I'm off to see my Mum and best friend,got quite a drive and already used inhaler twice but asthma is not going to ruin my day.

Got to give my 2 giant male lop bunnies their meds in a minute, they are nearly 5 kilos each, luckily they are really soppy and never bitten anyone, but will be fun as they hate the stuff so will wriggle like mad, fur flying, inhaler in hand!!

Tomorrow my Son and I are getting up at 6.30am to start early morning swim session, 1st time ever. My Son gave up competitive swimming 4 weeks ago and his asthma is causing problems now.

Decided I need the exercise and he needs to swim again.

Got guitar and piano lessons later with kids, I will practice on guitar.

Will cook meal for family later and do some scrap booking with family holiday photos

Go to bed early ready to drag myself out of bed at 6 tomorrow! I hate mornings, should be fun...


Well said plumie.

My post, you will note, starts with the cats - no mention of meds at all.

PS I've relatively mild asthma compared with others and feel a bit of a fraud not having extra meds/nebs/tests to cram into my day.


good point, but the only thing i ever have to do at set times in set places etc. is my medication, fortunately apart from that im free to do whatever i feel able to do (whih fortunately atm is most things)


alarm set on week days for work at 6.0-6.30. normally waiting for it to go off as my asthma is so bad at night i rarely get a good nights sleep.

have brown in-haler am.which a hate to taste ov have sips ov water to help.

through day i try and have my red turbo inhaler mid morning and tea time.

blue inhaler when needed some days alot more than others.

brown inhalers again at night.

Have nebulizer which i try to only use at night 2-5 ml ventilin used.wen needed i try to have nebulizer before bed to try n help symptoms for going to sleep. do have to use in night also in early hours which is such a pain when working and up early.

the routine starts over again.weekends pretty much the same.

asthma does seem to be taking over my life.I have only had this for a coulple of years n dont seem to have any control.I have been in hospital too for a few days which i hated, Asthma also causing time from work. If anyone can help i would love any advice.


My typical week day, although i would rather talk about the weekend but as there are more weekdays i feel it is only right to talk about those!

1. I never get up before 8.10am -

2. Symbicort, if i remember, contact lenses if i remember and matching tights to outfit, that being the trickiest thing especially in those dark mornings.

3. Child up, breakfast, usually bran flakes, and i take her to school for about 9 and then go to work, takes about 15 mins to travel the 13 miles to work.

4. Work is stressful and often exerience chest pains, tight chest, asthma symptoms and sometimes so stressful that i close my door and cry! and then use my ventolin.

5.Finish by about 6 and home with my dinner on the table. Dishes done, kids sorted, relax.

6. Symbicort and bed by about 11pm. Hoping for a good night and not woken by nightmare work scenarios!!



POA (or plan of action for tomorrow)

11am Mum and Aunty Mary arrive I am hopefully being bathed at that point and hopefully someone has been to fix my wheelchair

11.30 coffee

12 drugs

1pm lunch

1.30 PM off to Marks to see what bargins we can pick up

3pm Home

3-5 a couple of rubbers at bridge

5pm Mum and Aunty Mary go home

5.05pm I collapse in a heap :)

6pm drugs

Dinner and then upstairs to watch some TV chat to friends etc before midnight drugs.

Nebs will be fitted in as and when I can neb whilst shopping no problem! Midday IV's if I am not at home I draw them up cap them off keep in sterile feild and I do them where-ever I happen to be. On football saturdays that is in the pub with the lads! I just sit in the corner and they keep people a bay, they know I need everything around me kept sterile and I wear vest tops under my football shirt so I can just slip the footie shirt off they form a human barrier and I get on with it. The police used to get a little phased if they saw it but they have chilled out now and it is no problem.

Is that more like it :)

Now who said you can't have a life :)



Althought my day probably 'starts' a lot earlier, it's not tomorrow until i'm in and ready to do things...

In a typical day i would get up about an hour before i'm due to go to college. Before I do pretty much anything else I have a cup of tea and two biscuits (can you buy bourbons next week please mum? ). Drugs are slotted in at some point, sometimes co-inciding with brushing my teeth etc.

I usually make my self some lunch to take to college with me (If it hasn't been made for me) and will make myself a drink ( Which 9 times out of ten will get left on the fridge)

Things get thrown into a bag and I make my way to the bus stop. I get to where the bus stop is just visable and typically, it drives straight past. I sit on the back seat of the bus on the left with my knees up on the seat infront, until I get to town.

Then I walk from bus stop A to bus stop B picking up a metro on the way. Said metro gets stuffed in my bag and most of the time only gets 'read' when things are boring in college.Onto bus number two resuming the same position, back left with my knees up.

I get to college and do very little work and an awful lot of facebook/msn etc. Lunch usually consists of pasta unless it's something nasty like chicken korma with pasta. I'll then have a neb while Beth sits on the bench opposite me having a cigarette. I usually think of some excuse to leave early and make my way home. On a Monday (once a month) Tuesday (every week) and thursday (Fortnightly) I go to St John of some description, so I will go home to dump my stuff, have another cup of tea and make the epic two bus journeys back into town again. Sometimes (Okay most of the time) picking up a McDonalds / Some other kind of fast food on the way.

I usually get home around 10pm ish and then most nights spend a lot of time online (Damn internet addiction). I drink more tea and then take bedtime meds. I usually fall asleep around 3/4am after 'neb-o-clock' [Thanks Kat :P] whilst watching a film.


Ok as you have seen my meds schedule add this to it and fit the activities i do around them!

Mondays- I spend most of the day preparing for my brownie meeting checking all files are up to date, finances,invites to new brownies and correspondance between units,district etc. i arrive at meeting place at 5.30 -girls are there from 6-7.30 and i normally collapse in exhausted wheezy heap at about 8.15!

Tuesdays -recovereing from monday night and adding any new info into brownie files, take son to cubs at 6.30

Wed -often meet up with friends for lunch

Thurs nothing special -currently choir practice in the even for a special mass.

Friday once a month i go down to the church for a parish meal wich is allways very yummy, if this sint happening sometimes some of us go to the local pub either during the day or in the eve.

The weekends revolve around what the kids are doing but i do go to mass every Sunday when i can.

Of course each week is different and there are normally various medical appts and kids appts scattered through as well as shopping, meeting frinds and family activities!There are also some days when doing anything is hard work so tv and facebook rule!!!


Well my day begins with alarm going off, generally about 5.45am, nice at this time of year as birds sound beautiful at this time of day. Massive fall out of bed, kettle on, as trying to give up smoking at this time, it usually a mind fight between, shower or ciggie first. Shamed to admit ciggies winning this week.

Whilst having third cuppa of morning, yes am tea addict,will take meds, and prepare for the walk to work, through the park and then down a victorian walk way, it's peaceful relaxing and motor fuel free, get to work with 15minutes before log on time, dose up with Salamol easi breathe, and hold breathe for the next 9 hours, before walking home, usually with work mates to winge about day.

Get home, kettle on while decide what to have for dinner, log on to emails catch up with family and friends, dose up on meds and then bed, ready for the next day.

Weekends if not working are generally taken up with family, taking sister's little ones to museum, or local park or favourite local cafe for saturday brunch, catching it all on camera, any excuse to walk and be out and about. After a week in an hot stuffy office I usually can't stand to be in doors all weekend.


Here's my typical day depending on whether or not I am at work that day and how well my asthma/joint problems are.

First thing get up, get greeted by 3 guinea pigs who are delighted to see me and would their breakfast. NOW! Cuddle each piggie in turn then head to kitchen put kettle on and organise breakfast firstly for them and then me. After sorting piggies out and ensuring they are happy, content and munching take my p/f tablets and inhalers and nebs if I need them.

If at work get ready for work and go, if not I spend my day doing a variety of things, shopping, meeting up with friends, watching the telly, feeding my friends cat if she is away, caring for my guinea pigs, studying, going for a walk in the park. I guess there is no typical day for me as each day varies and I try to be as active as possible.

During the course of the day I use my blue inhaler, nebuliser and pain killers as I need them.

In the evening I give my piggies their tea and ensure they are settled and happy and before I head to bed take my medication and inhalers.

During the night I am often up needing further pain killers and using my inhalers and painkillers as required.


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